A Lovely Evening

Man, what an evening. I said I needed some fun and sweetness in my life, and Mr. Marcus sure did provide. He took me to this little Italian(?) restaurant and it had the most marvelous jazz channel playing. We talked about our day, had fun, danced and just unwound. It was the perfect Friday evening recharging activity.

The best part was I didn’t have to plan anything. He said put on something pretty and let me do the work. After the week I’ve had, it was pretty welcome. So, here are some photos I snapped while having a good time.

Hair: Doe – Starburst – Colors (Lootbox 3/2019)
Dress: Bauhaus Movement – Robin – Viola (Bloom 3/2019)
Shoes: Breathe – Tomomi Patent Heels – Purple (Kinky 3/2019)
Taken at Ristorante Ivanna ( Click here to visit )

Country Roads

I like to joke at my shows that because I’m in Tennessee, close to Nashville, I always have to have a little country element. I guess the same can be said for my photography. I grew up on a farm about 8 miles out of the closest small town, and when I was younger (pre teens ish and early teens) I rode horses in our local saddle club competitively. Barrel racing, poles etc. It was super fun and a family event. My aunt had a stable and my grandparents ran the concession stand. Some of my baby photos are of me on a horse even.

This Dirty Princess set just screamed cowgirl to me (even as much as they’re titled cowgirl and country) and paired perfectly with my favorite country hair. So here we are, my look for today. Watch out, world! I’m on horseback!

Hair: Truth – Montana – Jewel
Dress: Dirty Princess – Lil Country Princess – Wine (Uber 3/19)
Boots: Dirty Princess – Lil Cowgirl Princess (14 color set) (Uber 3/19)
Pose/Prop: Secret Poses – My Horse 2 (Pose 2)
taken on my home sim

Sweet Tooth

It’s been a rough 24 hours or so in the virtual world while dealing with some unwelcome drama from someone I don’t even know. I’m not really going to address that here. it doesn’t need addressing at all, actually. I’m just going to keep moving on and being me and A W E S O M E!

I really want some Krispy Kremes. Not ones from the grocery store, but the ones straight from the source still warm with wet glaze on them. You can kinda recreate it at home by sticking one into the microwave for about 15 seconds, but it’s not fully the same. They’re building one now, and I don’t know when it should be ready. While I love them, it’s just not worth the drive into Nashville just for a donut. I’ll have to wait.

Hair: Foxy – Peach – Colors Fades
Top: Kaithleen’s – Wasp Latex Corset – Purple
Shorts: Kaithleen’s – Wasp Latex Shorts – Purple
Donuts: Promagic – Max Donut Box (ultrarare)
Drink: vibing – You Rule – Bunny Cup
Backdrop: Foxcity – Donut Galore

Adult Gaming

This new set by spoiled is amazing. Everything in my favorite color and it wasn’t really super expensive. Thanks to Spoiled for keeping geek sexy! All but the top came from the gamer girl set, and then I added the geek girl top in just because I liked the better coverage over my tatas. It all still matches perfectly!

I’m getting to have dinner with the illustrious Porter Paquot and we might crash on Miss Sassy’s evening as well just to get some hugs from the woman. It seems weird that Sassy and I live so close and have never met yet. Time to take care of that, and what better time than when Miss Shenanigator is in town?

After a few days of really busy setbacks, I promise to try to get back to daily posts! Even when I go to the mountains in a couple weekends, I’m going to attempt to pre-schedule them like a boss. Until tomorrow (or maybe later? IDK) Bonjour!

Hair: Truth – Jacica – colors (group gift)
Shirt: Spoiled – Geek Girl Top – Purple
Shorts: Spoiled – Gamer Girl Shorts – Purple
Shoes: Spoiled – Gamer Girl Sneakers – Purple
Socks: Spoiled – Gamer Girl Stockings (fatpack)
Accessories: Spoiled – Gamer Girl headset and backpack
Pose / Controller: Ava Allure – Gaming Distraction
Props: Bad Unicorn, Junk Food, Hangry, ChicChica

In Bloom

It’s been a couple days! I’m happy to say it’s been for awesomely good reasons. The lovely and talented Porter Paquot was in town and I spent the day showing her around Nashville and having fun shenanigans. She’s amazing and it was our first time meeting in person after knowing each other for aaaages. We fell into being besties just like we hung out everyday. It was just what this girl needed. I hope to see her again before she breezes out this weekend!

My microphone broke Saturday and I got the replacement too. It was a big pain in the butt but I think the new one sounds better! I have a full week of shows, but my only one today is at 3 PM SLT and it’s a charity show at Feed a Smile. CLICK HERE TO GO!

Also!! THE RFL Musician calendar is finally done! It’s 300L$ and comes with a rezzable version and a wearable hud version. They are copiable and modifiable! ALLL proceeds go to relay for life! Click here to go to Camp Anatine and purcahse one in world. They are also available at Stanza and Mystic Muse, with other locations coming!

Hair: Truth – Zahlee – Jewel
Dress/Skirt: Chic Moda – Rhi Tops & Skirts
Boots: FriDay – Lennon Boots – Buck
Pose & Prop: Infiniti Bloom

Taken at the lovely Calas Galadhon Park


I have been busy, busy, busy! I’m almost done with the RFL Calendar I am working on. I have three more months to shoot and I am hoping to do that today so it can be ready for Monday. I didn’t even get an OOTD shoot done yesterday, so I made up for it this morning. I did some Saturday sale shopping (thanks to those of you that leave your stuff up all weekend for busy folk like me) and decided to incorporate it all in the Adams Photo Challenge.

This theme was music, and you all know that’s basically all I’m about. So? Here it is. Music. Me, my guitar, and my woodland friends. Shot on our land in almost the same place I shot Miss May, Sassy Nitely. I’m so excited for all of this!

This is gonna be a broken record for a while, but please remember I’ve got a photo in for a contest and all proceeds from entering and voting go to RFL! CLICK HERE TO GO VOTE IN WORLD ♥

Hair w/hat: Truth Montana – Colors
Outfit: Cynful Zinnia Dress – Tan (Mar 16 Sat sale)
Boots: Friday Sharon Boots – Buck (Mar 15 FLF)
Guitar: GearOne Love More Guitar – Pink
Pose: SamPoses Sing for Me
Props: Jian Butterfly collection, Organica and This Magic Trees, Dysfunctionality and ANC plants

Markus Allen has put out a photo contest and the theme is “vintage.” I know that when most people think vintage, they think flowers and 50s outfits or even earlier. I had two different ideas pop into my head. First I was thinking bell bottoms, fringe, long hippie hair and flowers at Woodstock. But then? My better idea. A rockabilly outfit and a retro diner scene. So, born out of the photo contest was this.

This is for charity! If you have an idea for a photo you should go enter too! If you aren’t about entering, at least come to vote! It’s for a good cause and I’ll support RFL for life. CLICK HERE TO GO VOTE! voting costs $100 per vote but it all goes to RFL!

Outfit: Entice – Dixie Fried Dress – Skulls
Hair: Truth – Lady – Colors
Shoes: Apple May – Thorned Heels – Black
Necklace: Astralia – Friendship Heart Pizza Necklace
Pose: Le Poppycock – Live Free Set
Backdrop & Car: Focus Poses

A Sorta Fairytale

It’s pi day! I’ve been putting all my energy and effort into designing and building a calendar for charity! Each month is themed and will feature a different SL Musician (or musicians) and sometimes a guest of their choice. I’ve got a few of them done and am planning to finish the rest by the weekend so let’s hope the calendar will be ready by the beginning of next week! Look out for it.

Today I was feeling the unicorn! Candy Kitten makes the most adorable unicorn outfits. I think I own them all! This is one of my favorites. I went sans shoes and plush for the pose, and instead used their unicorn boots.

Outfit: Candy Kitten – Unicorns Are Real
Boots: Candy Kitten – Unicorn Boots
Hair: Pr!tty – Doki – Colorfuls
Pose/Prop: Mooh! Unicorn Gacha
In The Background: Trompe Loeil Storybook Building

Make It Rain

For those of you that know me well, you know that I love being inappropriate at times. Ok, most of the time. I’ve been known to hop on a portable dance pole at a friend’s show when he sings about strippers, or put poles up at fun celebrations just to make people laugh (or talk) or have a good time!

I’ve never had a job in SL on a pole, but I respect the people that do. Being a RL sex worker for a good portion of my life, I know the kind of stuff they must put up with on a daily basis. You ladies have my respect! Anyway I saw this pose when I was at one of the latest fairs (whore couture, haha – I was there picking up Astralia’s Say It With Dicks hud) and kinda loved it. so, here’s my take on it with one of my favorite dirty girl clothing makers!

Lingerie / Harness: Candy Kitten Make Me Blush – Black
Boots: Candy Kitten Breaking My Heart Boots
Hair: Sintkilia – Ariana – Colors & Pastels
Pose: Focus Poses – Girls Girls Girls
Backdrop: Focus Poses – Whore House

Hanging Around

It’s thawing out!!! The temps in Middle Tennessee are climbing, and it should be in the 70s in a few days. I am more than ready for this. I spent the last 8 or so winters of my life in Southeast Texas, and am not even used to these temps. I don’t know how you people up north do it honestly. I got caught in a bad snowstorm Thanksgiving weekend up north and I about had a panic attack.

I felt like doing something fun, springish, and with shorts!!! So here I am at the Carnival. This was taken at the Click Here To Visit ) It was the perfect place to use my new balloon bunch pose and prop from the Bad Unicorn Big Kids gacha. All in all, I had a blast, and now I’m going to ride some rides! I am off shows til Friday so now I get to do some work on my little charity endeavor I’m working on for RFL.

Hair: Truth – Oksana V1 – Colors
Shirt: Erratic – Janelle Top – Pretty As Fuck
Shorts: Blueberry – Fye Short & Belt – Blue
Sneakers/Socks: Astralia – Music Vibes Sneakers
Pose/Prop>: Bad Unicorn Balloons (Bid Kids Gacha) – Arcade March 2019