Springtime Shopping

Springtime is my second favorite time of year, only surpassed by Fall. I love thawing out and flowers blooming (even though, MY ALLERGIES!) and not being a slave to sweaters and coats and the like. It’s funny because in fall I can’t wait to put on the hoodies, the sweaters, the boots, the scarves but by the time it’s over? Bring it on, baby.

It’s a shivery 30 degrees F here where I am this morning, but it’s been warm recently and I heard it’s supposed to be in the 70s soon! Yay Tennessee, where if you don’t like the weather, just wait a bit. Anyway, feeling inspired and ready for spring, I decided to do a floral inspired theme today. Hope you like!

Top: Decoy – Adrienne in Blush
Pants: Just Because – Celine Slacks in black
Hair: Fabia – Elly Unnaturals
Shoes: Breathe – Ayeka Heels in Wine
Necklace: Midna Zaza Necklace from Ace Event
Eyeshadow: Veechi Lover’s Festive Shadow
Lipstick: Tres Beau Madame Lipstick