The Rose

I told my friend this morning I was going to do a photo to give to any boys that make it to the second round of dating, ala bachelorette rose style. Talking about the ins and outs of SL dating has me laughing this morning though.

Today especially. A year ago today I started the strangest experiment of my SLife to date. A tipsy me, after a performance, ended up partnering a stranger after we complimented each other’s outfit. It was a joke, but it ended up leading to a year full of crazy, fun, happy, sad, amazing, tumultuous unforgettable experiences. Said partnership ended a few months ago, but all things considered I wouldn’t take it back. I learned a lot about myself and other people in that time and I am a better person for it.

It’s funny because tonight I’m playing at the place it all started, Stanza, on the anniversary of the night it all happened. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel today but I’m feeling okay so that leaves me to believe that my psyche and heart has healed over all this.

Which leads me to today, March 10, 2019. I am a true believer that you shouldn’t be with someone (in any life) just to be with them or just to not be alone. That’s why I’ve been trudging along solo since the great split of the new year. However, a great deal of this virtual world is better enjoyed with someone to get into shenanigans with, so it’s time. And who knows? I might shove a few roses at some people. I don’t know if I could deal dating so many people at once. I can barely find one person to tolerate me, haha.

Hair: Moon – Unwritten – Erratics (Saturday Sale)
Outfit: Luas – Arabella – Purple
Shoes: Reign – Glitter Heels – Fatpack
Garter: Avaway Vanessa Prose (3set)
Backdrop: Foxcity
Pose/Props: LW Poses – The Rose
Bed: Violetilly Winter Wonderbed (BoundBox Dec 2017)