Make It Rain

For those of you that know me well, you know that I love being inappropriate at times. Ok, most of the time. I’ve been known to hop on a portable dance pole at a friend’s show when he sings about strippers, or put poles up at fun celebrations just to make people laugh (or talk) or have a good time!

I’ve never had a job in SL on a pole, but I respect the people that do. Being a RL sex worker for a good portion of my life, I know the kind of stuff they must put up with on a daily basis. You ladies have my respect! Anyway I saw this pose when I was at one of the latest fairs (whore couture, haha – I was there picking up Astralia’s Say It With Dicks hud) and kinda loved it. so, here’s my take on it with one of my favorite dirty girl clothing makers!

Lingerie / Harness: Candy Kitten Make Me Blush – Black
Boots: Candy Kitten Breaking My Heart Boots
Hair: Sintkilia – Ariana – Colors & Pastels
Pose: Focus Poses – Girls Girls Girls
Backdrop: Focus Poses – Whore House