Adult Gaming

This new set by spoiled is amazing. Everything in my favorite color and it wasn’t really super expensive. Thanks to Spoiled for keeping geek sexy! All but the top came from the gamer girl set, and then I added the geek girl top in just because I liked the better coverage over my tatas. It all still matches perfectly!

I’m getting to have dinner with the illustrious Porter Paquot and we might crash on Miss Sassy’s evening as well just to get some hugs from the woman. It seems weird that Sassy and I live so close and have never met yet. Time to take care of that, and what better time than when Miss Shenanigator is in town?

After a few days of really busy setbacks, I promise to try to get back to daily posts! Even when I go to the mountains in a couple weekends, I’m going to attempt to pre-schedule them like a boss. Until tomorrow (or maybe later? IDK) Bonjour!

Hair: Truth – Jacica – colors (group gift)
Shirt: Spoiled – Geek Girl Top – Purple
Shorts: Spoiled – Gamer Girl Shorts – Purple
Shoes: Spoiled – Gamer Girl Sneakers – Purple
Socks: Spoiled – Gamer Girl Stockings (fatpack)
Accessories: Spoiled – Gamer Girl headset and backpack
Pose / Controller: Ava Allure – Gaming Distraction
Props: Bad Unicorn, Junk Food, Hangry, ChicChica