A Lovely Evening

Man, what an evening. I said I needed some fun and sweetness in my life, and Mr. Marcus sure did provide. He took me to this little Italian(?) restaurant and it had the most marvelous jazz channel playing. We talked about our day, had fun, danced and just unwound. It was the perfect Friday evening recharging activity.

The best part was I didn’t have to plan anything. He said put on something pretty and let me do the work. After the week I’ve had, it was pretty welcome. So, here are some photos I snapped while having a good time.

Hair: Doe – Starburst – Colors (Lootbox 3/2019)
Dress: Bauhaus Movement – Robin – Viola (Bloom 3/2019)
Shoes: Breathe – Tomomi Patent Heels – Purple (Kinky 3/2019)
Taken at Ristorante Ivanna ( Click here to visit )