Nashville Nightlife

This weekend’s photo challenge was a hard one, but good one! You were supposed to green screen yourself and take the image and insert it into a real life photo of a destination or travel scene. I chose this particular photo because it’s one of my favorite places. This is at Printers Alley in Nashville, TN, right outside my favorite bar of all time – Bourbon St. Blues and Boogie Bar. I’m fairly certain the shot was taken around Mardi Gras too due to the decor! If you are ever in this lovely city, you have to go! The cajun food is to die for and the hurricanes are legendary.

I am fairly certain I’ve used this outfit before but it screamed country (it is in Nashville after all) but also chic at the same time. So here we are!

Hair: Truth – Jill – Colors
Dress: Dirty Princess – Lil Country PRincess Dress – Wine (Uber 3/19)
Boots: Dirty Princess – Lil Cowgirl Princess Boots (Uber 3/19)
Bag: Reign – Fall VIbes Traveler Bag (Arcade 9/2017)
In The Background: Bourbon St Blues and Boogie Bar in Printers Alley, Nashville, TN
weekend photo challenge – green screen travel blog

Thank you Coffee!!

I am a habitual shopper. If there’s an event coming out, chances are I’m at least going to look for it on Seraphim or another shopping guide, or I’m going to pop in and see what’s there. Uber is always a super fun one, though to be honest the past few months I haven’t really spent a lot there. This time was way different. It was like a mega punch because last night Truth sent out a VIP Style, released one in store, then had one at Uber. Three hairs! And new textures, new huds, new colors, everything. I looooooove Truth’s purple textures. Purple is the only hair color I will wear unless it’s for something specific, as I am purple headed in real life as well.

Anyway, back to Uber. It’s been kinda bleh in the past but this time I spent a bit, and could have spent more. I got hair from Truth and Lamb, a cute stable setup for my new horse from Dlab, some gerber daisies for the land, and some pose / prop goodies. This outfit from blueberry and a gown from Apple May were the only bits of clothing I got, though I might go back and look at that Dead Dollz gown again. For now, this is some of the offerings in a photo!

Hair: Truth – Horizon – Jewel (VIP Gift 4/19)
Shirt: Blueberry – Alicia – Hooded Tank (Uber 4/19)
Shorts: Blueberry – Alicia – Flared Pants (Uber 4/19)
Shoes: Psycho Barbie – Mischievous Heels (Sat Sale 4/19)
Pose/Prop: PewPew! Chicago Hotdog (Uber 4/19) & Maskara – Morning Delight – Butt Cuppy (Arcade 3/19)
In The Background: Foxcity – Cute Thing Backdrop – Pink (Uber 4/19)
taken at my house

Corgi Love

Yall, the Fantasy Faire is where it’s at! I have a lot of stuff I want to set up and blog, most important of which is the Teegle animesh riding horse I got! Holy crap, it’s the best. I already bought a special skin for it from The Flying Pony. Sinder is so talented and the sunset skin matches just about everything I wear / my hair (aka purple and lots of it! with coordinating colors) so I fell in love instantly!

Uber also hits tomorrow and Truth has knocked us out with THREE HAIRSTYLES!!!! So you can say this week is pretty lit, fam. It is making me hopeful that the week will have a better end than beginning.

Hair: Foxy – Blossom (Equal10 4/19)
Shirt: Blueberry – Leah Half Sleeve Tops – Extra6
Shorts: Blueberry – Pia Denim Shorts (Fatpack)
Shoes: Breathe – Song Su Heels – Purple (Epiphany 4/19)
Pose/Prop: Fashiowl – Corgis (Fantasy Faire 4/19)
In The Background: Dysfunctionality Spring Poppies
taken at my house

Ride it . . . My . . . Pony?

I had a joke with a friend about me taking photos with bananas. I quickly that night found on on marketplace and took a funny photo. Imagine my amusement when I saw this at Limit8 this go-round! I decided it would be mine. It’s kind of sad actually. I worry I’ve done the majority of shopping I’m going to do in Second Life because everything’s just been done twenty or thirty times and I’m like, I have two versions of this. Do I need another? Is it that varied? and then I just don’t even buy it.

Also, I have added Izzie’s freckles applier to face and body and I think it looks even better. I’m a fan of freckled Cori and the skins I’ve been using lately don’t have freckled options. So, making my own!

I do not have a show until Friday this week! So I’m going to use the time off to do some more pictures, build some scenes, decorate a Linden house, I don’t know what else. Maybe visit some scenic routes!

Hair: Wasabi – Melon – Fireworks (Uber 3/19)
Shirt: Tres Blah – The Crop Tee – Nerdy (Fameshed 4/19)
Shorts: Dead dollz – Joanne Shorts – Dark (Uber 3/19)
Socks: Cynful – Cotton Socks – Color Pack 1 (Saturday Sale 4/19)
Shoes: Candy Kitten – Unicorn Sneakers
Pose/Prop: Belle Poses – Becky Banana (Limit8 4/19)
In The Background: Foxcity Photo Booth – Contained
taken on my home sim

Bonus image: this past weekend’s photo challenge. Sunlight and flowers, taken on my sim, featuring Bad Katz sunflowers

And Then She Rested

Y’all, this bathroom set. I can’t even with how adorable this is. I have another bathroom in my house done up with the Lagoom Sweetheart bathroom gacha from Gimmie Gacha last year at some point (I don’t remember exactly when) and I had a few leftover pieces that fit in this bathroom perfectly. In my first shot I show myself enjoying my bathroom set appropriately with a few alterations to staging, but I couldn’t just let you see how it’s normally staged. This set is adorable and even has a purple rubber ducky!!! There’s a pink one with a crown too but y’all know how I am about purple.

This is just really the cutest thing. When the Epiphany came out this time I was *set* on getting the whole thing. I actually still need to find the toilet but other than that I got everything I wanted, with some to spare! I have a few of the rares left in fact. Click here to get my extras!

Hair: Limerence – Rachel Hair – Colours2 – Epiphany 4/19
Bathroom Set: e.marie – Splish Splash (Epiphany 4/19)
taken at my house

Rainy Day Lunch With Bae

It’s been a rough kind of day over here. While it’s sunny and warm out here, the mood in my brain is stormy and turbulent. Nothing better than cuddling some puppies in a warm onesie while I mope out the day. The day, however, was brightened by The Epiphany! I actually was pretty lucky in most of my pulls except the dang Dirty Princess Spoiled Life – didn’t want to give up those boots for nothing. All my extras have been put into my gacha shop. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY GACHA RESALE SHOP!

The set on the wall was from Gimmie Gacha but just kinda went with the room. Everything else for the most part I got today. I also did a lot of e.marie which I’ll stage and shoot later. For now? Enjoy my pet paradise room =)

Hair: Foxy – Angel (Collab with Blueberry) – Pastels (Hoodie Fit)
Onesie & Slippers: Astralia x Hello Kitty (Epiphany 4/19)
Doggo: Jian – Silly Shibes (Epiphany 4/19)
Featuring Gimmie Gacha Set: CryBunBun Meowphemy Set (Kitty desk and accessories)
Epiphany 4/19 Sets: Astralia x Hello Kitty Rug: / Shelf
Foxy Fur Baby Mom Dog: Throne Bed, puppy food, dog bowl, collar rack, pink toy basket
Dust Bunny Kawaii Lunch: Wrapped Blue Bento, Chicken Sliders
Random Matter Snack Haul: Banana Flavored, Boba PIle taken at my house


Today’s look is all about these pants I got from the midnight madness this weekend. I’m not usually a big fan of high waisted pants but paired with this shirt I think it looks really cute. Classed it up with a high ponytail and took my lil’ paper doll out shopping.

I also saw someone on Facebook now just say that they wanted honest reviews (not like SL-secrets dirty but also not just bloggers promoting products they are promoting). I think that might be my calling after all. I don’t have any affiliation with anyone outside of being a chat mod for Chic Moda. I am adding categories for the brands I tend to wear a lot, but I also am down for adding honest (read: honest, constructive, not mean) reviews of the stuff I’m not absolutely in love with. Is that something I should do? IDK.

Hair: Sintkilia – Ariana – Colors&Pastels
Dress: Dirty Princess – Sugar Tart Princess Top – BB Pink
Pants: Narcisse – Kit Pants (Midnight Madness 4/19)
Shoes: Chic Chica – Princess Heels – Pink (Sat Sale)
Pose & Props: Amitie – Parisen (pose and tote with flowers)
taken at backdrop city – city scenes

Bad Influence

I’ve been so sick the last couple of days that I’ve had to cancel shows and just lay around on the couch or in bed, which is completely not like me. Today’s the first day I’ve felt human and not like I’m gargling glass, so I’m coming out of it finally! And just in time for Sunday dinner and Game of Thrones! Tonight, chicken spaghetti and blackberry cobbler.

p align=justify>Chic Chica is having a five hour flash sale so I grabbed a few food props that I’d been eyeing before since they were half price! This is one of them. I always joke that I’m a bad influence because whenever anyone is having a rough time or a bad day I just suggest drowning their pain and sorrows with alcohol like the rest of us dysfunctional adults. That’s kind of what I thought of when I saw this pose the way it was. Like me saying “fuck that dude, come on, let’s get shitfaced!” Literally advice I have given before. Also? I crept into Kustom9 early and got this cute foxy hair.

Hair: Foxy – Sol Hair – Pastel Fades (K9 4/19)
Dress: Sweet Thing – Eliza Corset Dress – Galaxy Pack
Shoes: Violetility – Luna Heels – Orion (Sat Sale)
Pose & Props: Chic Chica – Wanna Drink? Glasses, Bottle, & Pose
In The Background: Trompe Loeil – Chalkboard Bar
taken at my house, on my home sim


It’s time for the weekend challenge again! While it’s not quite the weekend I’m uncertain as to how busy I am going to actually be, and since this one was a little elaborate I decided to get a head start and do it on a day I knew I had time for. For what I had in mind, I needed help.

The theme was “Horror Cosplay.” I’m not a big fan of horror movies, so I decided to try to sexify it a little bit instead of going straight for the gore. The title is “unmasked” for obvious reasons, taking off Jason-girl’s mask and exposing her etc etc I suck at describing my methods behind my madness. So here it is. Unmasked.

Cori’s Credits
Hair: Foxy – Bella – Pastels
Dress / Shoes / Hat: Pink Pearl Designs – Freddies Naughty Chic
Claw: Khalem Hands
Lara’s Credits
Hair: Stealthic – Desire – Blondes
Shirt: Kemono Island – Friday the 13th Top
Panties: Le Fil Casse – Amelie Ruffle Panty – Red Cherry
Stockings:Sophisticated Mama – Fishnet Stockings Applier – Can Can Red
Boots: Empire – Sukkulente
Mask: MedievalFantasy Jason Halloween Mask
Pose: DB Poses – You changed my life and all my goals
In the Background: Focus Poses – Cemetary Graves Backdrop
taken on my home sim

Unicorn Day

Today’s a special day, because it’s UNICORN day! Pink Cream Pie had a whole little unicorn corner that some designers and builders had filled with unicorn-y goodness, and I went and picked up a few things. The boots I already had. Candy Kitten put out unicorn heels, boots, and sneakers and I own them all (as well as just about every unicorn clothing piece they have there!) – and they fit just perfect. Not pictured: An adorable unicorn bouncer. Everything is super cheap but I don’t know how long it will be there, because today is Unicorn Day.

Also, as a special notice today, I’ll be doing a unicorny charity event at the Jagged Edge for a good friend of the SL Music Scene, Tommy Bayn. He’s suffering from a complex pain syndrome that leaves him in agony daily. While the medical procedure itself is paid for there is very expensive aftercare involved. Those of us that know and love Tommy are helping by donating an hour of our time and any tips earned to help pay for such aftercare. I’d love if you all came to support me at 4pm SLT (or come at 3, because the lovely Agatha will be before me). CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE JAGGED EDGE

Hair: Truth – Coco – Colours
Dress: Pink Cream Pie – Lisa Dress – Anycorn Pack
Shoes: Candy Kitten – Unicorn Boots
Pose & Held Props: SSP: Unicorn Day 2019 / Unicorns I Love Them
In the Background:Dysfunctionality Poppies | Organica Cherry Tree
taken on my home sim