Spring has sprung! I have returned from my sister’s wedding in the mountains, where a ho became a housewife. ♥ All jokes aside it was a beautiful day, she looked beautiful, and they seemed super happy. I got a mini vacation out of it and some beautiful scenery, family time, and decent food, so I can’t complain too much.

I came back and hit up the Saturday sale a day late. Almost all of the vendors had their stuff out (shout out to those MVP’s that keep them out all weekend, you rock!) and so I got some good deals. Then I hit Belle, Spring Flair, and this AM even got into the Truth sale and hit C88. It was a productive shopping day and I finally got to dive into some of this stuff I’ve collected! Expect many more photos this week even though RL still has a partial hold on me.

As I was setting up for this scene I couldn’t get the song “Sunflowers” by Everclear out of my head. It was one of my favorites from years ago and now reminds me of my own LCB child. ♥ So I will share it with you all too!

When you were a child
You were happy and free
You were my reason to live
I would die when you smiled at me
I can still see you
I remember you painting
Sunflowers in your room
Hear the Entire Song

Hair: Truth – Imani – Jewel
Shorts: Le Fil Casse – Lorianne Denim Shorts – True Blue (C88 4/19)
Shoes: N-Core – Vera – Lilac (Sat Sale 4/6/19)
Pose & Held Props: Focus Poses: Find the beauty in small things (Spring Flair 2 4/2019)
In the Background:Bad Katz Sunflowers | Half-Deer Windblown Ribbons (C88 4/19) | Junk Food Rustic Lemonade Stand
taken on my home sim