Rainy Day Lunch With Bae

It’s been a rough kind of day over here. While it’s sunny and warm out here, the mood in my brain is stormy and turbulent. Nothing better than cuddling some puppies in a warm onesie while I mope out the day. The day, however, was brightened by The Epiphany! I actually was pretty lucky in most of my pulls except the dang Dirty Princess Spoiled Life – didn’t want to give up those boots for nothing. All my extras have been put into my gacha shop. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY GACHA RESALE SHOP!

The set on the wall was from Gimmie Gacha but just kinda went with the room. Everything else for the most part I got today. I also did a lot of e.marie which I’ll stage and shoot later. For now? Enjoy my pet paradise room =)

Hair: Foxy – Angel (Collab with Blueberry) – Pastels (Hoodie Fit)
Onesie & Slippers: Astralia x Hello Kitty (Epiphany 4/19)
Doggo: Jian – Silly Shibes (Epiphany 4/19)
Featuring Gimmie Gacha Set: CryBunBun Meowphemy Set (Kitty desk and accessories)
Epiphany 4/19 Sets: Astralia x Hello Kitty Rug: / Shelf
Foxy Fur Baby Mom Dog: Throne Bed, puppy food, dog bowl, collar rack, pink toy basket
Dust Bunny Kawaii Lunch: Wrapped Blue Bento, Chicken Sliders
Random Matter Snack Haul: Banana Flavored, Boba PIle taken at my house