And Then She Rested

Y’all, this bathroom set. I can’t even with how adorable this is. I have another bathroom in my house done up with the Lagoom Sweetheart bathroom gacha from Gimmie Gacha last year at some point (I don’t remember exactly when) and I had a few leftover pieces that fit in this bathroom perfectly. In my first shot I show myself enjoying my bathroom set appropriately with a few alterations to staging, but I couldn’t just let you see how it’s normally staged. This set is adorable and even has a purple rubber ducky!!! There’s a pink one with a crown too but y’all know how I am about purple.

This is just really the cutest thing. When the Epiphany came out this time I was *set* on getting the whole thing. I actually still need to find the toilet but other than that I got everything I wanted, with some to spare! I have a few of the rares left in fact. Click here to get my extras!

Hair: Limerence – Rachel Hair – Colours2 – Epiphany 4/19
Bathroom Set: e.marie – Splish Splash (Epiphany 4/19)
taken at my house