Thank you Coffee!!

I am a habitual shopper. If there’s an event coming out, chances are I’m at least going to look for it on Seraphim or another shopping guide, or I’m going to pop in and see what’s there. Uber is always a super fun one, though to be honest the past few months I haven’t really spent a lot there. This time was way different. It was like a mega punch because last night Truth sent out a VIP Style, released one in store, then had one at Uber. Three hairs! And new textures, new huds, new colors, everything. I looooooove Truth’s purple textures. Purple is the only hair color I will wear unless it’s for something specific, as I am purple headed in real life as well.

Anyway, back to Uber. It’s been kinda bleh in the past but this time I spent a bit, and could have spent more. I got hair from Truth and Lamb, a cute stable setup for my new horse from Dlab, some gerber daisies for the land, and some pose / prop goodies. This outfit from blueberry and a gown from Apple May were the only bits of clothing I got, though I might go back and look at that Dead Dollz gown again. For now, this is some of the offerings in a photo!

Hair: Truth – Horizon – Jewel (VIP Gift 4/19)
Shirt: Blueberry – Alicia – Hooded Tank (Uber 4/19)
Shorts: Blueberry – Alicia – Flared Pants (Uber 4/19)
Shoes: Psycho Barbie – Mischievous Heels (Sat Sale 4/19)
Pose/Prop: PewPew! Chicago Hotdog (Uber 4/19) & Maskara – Morning Delight – Butt Cuppy (Arcade 3/19)
In The Background: Foxcity – Cute Thing Backdrop – Pink (Uber 4/19)
taken at my house