Rawr Means I Love You

I hope you all are having an enjoyable holiday weekend. there’s no cookouts or fun times for me, since it’s just me and the LCB. I also have two shows tonight, 6pm at the Lutz city of Templemore and 9pm at Stanza. If you’ve never been to Templemore, you are missing out. It is so beautifully built and there are so many photo opportunities. ( Click here to Visit Templemore )

There was another round of Uber, and while the things I buy from these events are fewer and fewer, this Neve outfit (and the Foxcity backdrop) spoke to me. After playing around with inventory a bit today, I decided the dino bag was perfect, and henceforth my blog post title was born.

Hair: Pr!tty – Emma (Sat Sale 5/19)
Top: Neve Top – Salty – Stripe (Uber 5/19)
Shorts: Neve Shorts – Slashed – Lively (Uber 5/19)
Shoes: Phedora – Lupe Sneakers (off-screen)
Backdrop: – Foxcity – Pink Vault (Uber 5/19)
Purse: Clover – Dino Bag – Purple (Flora 5/19)


wow, I’ve had this post up here for like 2 days to complete. This shows where my head is at. Right now my mind is like my computer/browsers – too many windows open and not enough memory to perform everything! haha.

There was a new event, Flora, and I went to check it out. There was a bunch of kawaii-ish / girly things there and most of the fashion was not really my style, but I did like the colors of this one top (the one in the photo) and this unicorn bike was way too cute to pass up! Good news is Uber drops tomorrow so I probably have new things to pick up, I have a lot of shows this weekend, and well . . . FLF and Saturday sale also!

Hair: Pr!tty – Lelu (Sat Sale 5/19) Top: NamiiChu – Min Cropped Tee – Purple (Flora 5/19)
Shorts: Blueberry – Pia Denim Shorts
Shoes: Phedora – Olwen Sneakers
Backdrop: – Foxcity – The Workshop
Pose/Prop: VOZ – Unicorn Neon Bike

Winter Came

The Game of Thrones series finale was last night. Even if you don’t watch, you pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know it’s happening. We fans are not exactly quiet about our love for the show even when it’s at its worst (And it has been this season, for sure). After last week’s episode and then Sinder releasing this perfect Alabaster skin for my beloved Teegle, I decided I was going to an Arya shoot – and this ruins style backdrop served perfect for my purpose.

I have a mother of dragons one I’m tossing around and yet another with the Iron Throne, but this one popped into my head now and so here we are. This round of Enchantment has some pretty decent Game of Thrones offerings, if you are into that. There’s an excellent men’s kilt that I am pretty happy with!

Hair: Truth – Carla (VIP Group Gift)
Complete Outfit: Scarlet Fey – ARi (Enchantment GOT)
Pose/Daggers: Poseidon – Tauriel (Enchantment LOTR)
Backdrop: Foxcity – Lost City
Horse & Accessories: Teegle Pet Sugar Cookie American Paint Horse with TFP – The Flying Pony Alabaster Skin, Fantasy Faire RFL Tack and Rein Running Braid


I have a male alt. I dressed him pretty because no guy I’ve ever dated has ever really suffered well through photos. I decided to actually put some of these couples poses to use and snap a photo with my pretty boy.

I’ve had a really rough week and a half, but I am finally coming out of it. I just really want to thank everyone for their thoughts, good wishes, prayers and otherwise being generally awesome while my RL fam gets through this awful time. I really love everyone that has checked in on me and supported and loved me as much as y’all have. Thank you again, really, from the bottom of my heart.

Hair: Magika – Love
Flower Tiara: Eternus – Spring Flutter Tiara
Top: Tres Blah – Aspen Tunic – Floral (Collabor88 5/19)
Jeans: .Miu – Nina High Waist Jeans – Dark Blue (Fameshed 5/19)
Shoes: EQUAL – Lexi Boots – Brown
Pose: Equal – Up She Goes
Backdrop: Minimal – Hope Backdrop

Cute Boy’s Stats
Body: Belleza Jake
Head: Catwa Daniel
Skin: L’Etre Troy Skin – Sandy Tone
Hair: Stealthic – Haunting – Browns
Hoodie: Nero Giorgio Hoodie – Grey
Jeans: Cold ash – Holloway Ripped Jeans – vintage blue


Welp, this post merges two of my favorite pastimes: Shopping and horse riding.

Collabor88 hit today which means my wallet is yelling pineapple at me all day long. Of course I get home and immediately start throwing things on, and the first was this adorable spring dress from Pixicat. It’s funny because I also loooove their fall offerings and that’s when it is officially fall for me – when I get into a Pixicat oversized sweater and leggings and boots. Then it’s time to change the leaves on the sim!

Besides shopping, horseback riding is a fairly new hobby of mine. I had the older water horse (before they went animesh) and looked into just upgrading that, but I went into the Teegle booth at the Fantasy Faire and fell in love with this demo. I got the pale sugar cookie version, but then Sinder from The Flying Pony linked this beautiful sunset skin for it and I was hooked. Now this horse matches my personality, my hair, and most of my clothing. When I’m not riding her I have this stable setup and it’s just wonderful! What do you think?

Hair: Stealthic – Mirage – Misc (Collabor88 5/19)
Dress: Pixicat – Spring Dress – Daisies (Collabor88 5/19)
Shoes: Reign – Bloomin’ Heels (Saturday Sale 4/19)
My Little Pony: Teegle Sugar Cookie Animesh Horse with The Flying Pony skin Sunset
Also Featured: D-Lab Stable set (Uber 4/2019) | Jian Feeding Sheep (Uber 4/2019) | RM Art of Poses – Horse | Secret Poses – My Horse
taken at my home

Pause and Refresh

Man, Pose Fair got me in about a hundred ways this weekend. Here I was, taking a break from the amazing Freedom Rock event for RFL that the Anatines put on at Camp Anatine (raising over 300 thousand lindens for RFL!), but the Pose Fair, while having some amazing free gifts (and the group is free to join) also took a considerable chunk out of my budget. Plus side – I met someone just by talking to random people and getting out of my shell that will hopefully become a good friend! You never know until you say hi to that random person. Profile perving pays off! haha.

This cool backdrop was from Pose Fair, and the pose I’m using was a free gift. I styled it with some gifts and Saturday sale stuff and a few things I already had in my inventory, and here is today’s look! I’m totally digging this romper too. RL? No way but love the look in SL.

Hair: Magika – Love
Romper: Miss Chelsea – Iris Romper – Plum (Saturday Sale 5/19)
Shoes: Phedora – Jazzie Heels
Pose: Provoke Me – Stair Pose3 (Pose Fair Gift 5/19)
Pose Props Featuring: Foxcity | Acorn | Dustbunny
Backdrop: BellePoses – Spring Break (Pose Fair 5/19)

Pairs Well

It’s been a hell of a week, guys. I have been absent from blogging and mostly photo taking in general due to some family stuff RL. My brother and his wife have been trying to have a child for about four years now, going through several miscarriages and spending so much on IVF and they finally got pregnant and past the danger point. Well, my sister in law had to deliver last Friday and at 23 weeks our little Bailey was born. She however caught an infection and passed Sunday evening, April 28. The entire family is crushed and as a parent I can’t even begin to understand how they feel right now. Please keep our family in your thoughts as we try to help this sweet couple put their lives back together as best they can. For the next few weeks, my posts (and online time) will be limited as will my shows.

I am lucky to have my good friend assist me on this photo as I decided I wanted to do a duo one. It features the talented Sassy Nitely’s Chic Moda release that drops today at Fameshed which you should -definitely- treat yourself too. I am waiting another hour and a half until I can treat myself to the rest of fameshed. I already dropped a mini-mint at Gimme Gacha. But that’s the shopping life, right?

Hair: Truth – Horizon (VIP Gift)
Top: Chic Moda – Brooklyn Top (Fameshed 5/19)
Skirt: Chic Moda – Brooklyn Skirt (Fameshed 5/19)
Shoes: Breathe – Ruby Heels – Purple
Pose: Extra – Short Stuff
taken at backdrop city