Awake And Dreaming

It’s been an extremely busy few weeks in RL, so I’ve not given this blog the attention I have been in the past. Fortunately that’s about to change again, and I have a lot to talk about today. Yesterday was my 14th rez day here in Second Life, and well all I can say is it’s been a wild ride. I’ve met and loved so many people, learned so many things, and honestly I wouldn’t trade any of it. I’m doing what I love with the people I love, and life is good.

Speaking of doing what I love, I spent some time over the last few days helping landscape a beautiful (in my oh so humble opinion) park for friends of mine. My friend Alex (who is a wonderful performer and someone you should check out, especially if you love country, Elvis, and the like) and his manager wanted to have a park for people to come chill at, be friendly, take photos etc and well, I was up for the decorating task. This photo is taken there but you really need to come look for yourself! ( click here to visit the park ) I hope to see some shows and open mics here at some point!

Hair: Pr!tty – Hippie – colorfuls (Sat Sale)
Dress: Seniha – Nina Dress (SL16B Event)
Shoes: Phedora – Alma Platforms
Pose Foxcity – Late Night (Sat Sale 6/19)
taken at the Alex G Lee Park (click here to visit)

At Sunset We Ride

We have finally converted our family sim over to beachy goodness for the summer. I have things just about as I like them, and I’m considering throwing a party on the beach. I love horses both IRL and in SL. I have been riding horses almost as long as I can walk, and when I was a kiddo I showed them (barrel and pole racing etc) and spent a lot of my time at our local saddle club.

These days I prefer to do my riding virtually and so here we are on my favorite toy from the Fantasy Faire, my Teegle that has yet to be named. This skin is the newest from TFP – mulberry wine. It’s gorgeous though I am excited to see what she’s working on next since she said it was going to be even better for me. I can’t wait!!

Hair: Pr!tty – Klaire – colorfuls (Sat Sale 6/2019)
Top: Blueberry – Cori Lace Top
Bottom: Blueberry Sunny bikini w/open shorts
Shoes: Blueberry Cori Shoes W/metal leg bands
My Horsey: Teegle pet sugar cookie with The Flying Pony Mulberry Wine Skin, RFL western Tack, and Rein Running Braid Mane
taken on my home sim


Adam’s photo challenge this time around was much more to my liking for sure than last month. I did it (It was shoot someone else in SL) and loved taking a photo of my auntie Kimmy for it, but It puts too much pressure on me to do other people right now. I guess I”m just weird. But this one? This one had purpose and I loved it.

The Evans Country Club & Resort is amazingly built. I knew immediately upon walking around what I wanted my first photo to be. I had this tennis dress that I’ve been wanting to feature that is an older Dead Dollz release, but man do I love it paired with these shoes and a ponytail! I forgot how much so until I put it on. So, hopefully, you like it as much as I do!

Hair: Truth – Joy (VIP Gift)
Dress: Dead Dollz – Smash Tennis Dress – Red
Shoes: Pink Pearl Designs – Just My Socks & Sneakers
Pose: Pose Talk – Tennis Pose (props & pose)
taken at the Evans Country Club & Resort Sim for Adams Photo Challenge June

Growing Pains

I have been having a crazy RL and between that and trying to keep up with my live music shows in Second Life, I haven’t had a whole lot of time for posting to the blog. I’ve been thinking about maybe making this a collab with one or two other people, but we’ll see. I do have some photo challenge stuff I’m posting soon, so look out for that for sure. This right here was inspired after a series of events. First off, The Arcade dropped on June 1 and while there wasn’t really a whole lot I had to have (and I got super lucky on a lot of plays), this BAMSE SoundX set was something I wanted ALL of it. And I got it!

I got informed that the sim we live on is going beach style after my SL mom’s wedding there, so I started getting my stuff in order for beach themes. That also included putting down a new house. I went with the Redgrave Lakeside after a long time of deliberation and demos. I’m not fully done decorating it yet, but it’s getting there. This was taken in my music room, where I set up my BAMSE set plus a few other random things. I love the way it turned out and just like to spend time there. I know it’s not real recording equipment, but it’s a happy SL space for me and that’s all that matters!

Hair: Pr!tty – Jill – Colors
Top: Chic Moda – Brooklyn Top – VIP (June Group Gift)
Shorts: Chic Moda – Jenna Romper (Fameshed 6/2019)
Shoes: Reign – Bloomin’ Wedges
Featuring: BAMSE Soundx Full Set (Arcade 6/2019), 7 – Amp & Poster (FLF 5/2019)
taken at my home