At Sunset We Ride

We have finally converted our family sim over to beachy goodness for the summer. I have things just about as I like them, and I’m considering throwing a party on the beach. I love horses both IRL and in SL. I have been riding horses almost as long as I can walk, and when I was a kiddo I showed them (barrel and pole racing etc) and spent a lot of my time at our local saddle club.

These days I prefer to do my riding virtually and so here we are on my favorite toy from the Fantasy Faire, my Teegle that has yet to be named. This skin is the newest from TFP – mulberry wine. It’s gorgeous though I am excited to see what she’s working on next since she said it was going to be even better for me. I can’t wait!!

Hair: Pr!tty – Klaire – colorfuls (Sat Sale 6/2019)
Top: Blueberry – Cori Lace Top
Bottom: Blueberry Sunny bikini w/open shorts
Shoes: Blueberry Cori Shoes W/metal leg bands
My Horsey: Teegle pet sugar cookie with The Flying Pony Mulberry Wine Skin, RFL western Tack, and Rein Running Braid Mane
taken on my home sim