Awake And Dreaming

It’s been an extremely busy few weeks in RL, so I’ve not given this blog the attention I have been in the past. Fortunately that’s about to change again, and I have a lot to talk about today. Yesterday was my 14th rez day here in Second Life, and well all I can say is it’s been a wild ride. I’ve met and loved so many people, learned so many things, and honestly I wouldn’t trade any of it. I’m doing what I love with the people I love, and life is good.

Speaking of doing what I love, I spent some time over the last few days helping landscape a beautiful (in my oh so humble opinion) park for friends of mine. My friend Alex (who is a wonderful performer and someone you should check out, especially if you love country, Elvis, and the like) and his manager wanted to have a park for people to come chill at, be friendly, take photos etc and well, I was up for the decorating task. This photo is taken there but you really need to come look for yourself! ( click here to visit the park ) I hope to see some shows and open mics here at some point!

Hair: Pr!tty – Hippie – colorfuls (Sat Sale)
Dress: Seniha – Nina Dress (SL16B Event)
Shoes: Phedora – Alma Platforms
Pose Foxcity – Late Night (Sat Sale 6/19)
taken at the Alex G Lee Park (click here to visit)