Thinking of You

I’ve started trying to gear up for romance because I want to participate in the AdamsPhotoChallenge for February, which is Love/Hate. I don’t think this is the final one that I will use, but I will detail my inspiration behind this particular shoot:

This is the night before a meetup with a lover. The bag’s packed, the plans are made, just the final preparation before leaving the next morning. Makeup is picked out, and taking a few selfies with the kitty before heading out.

It’s a little cheesy, but it’s a first draft. I have another idea or two I want to do for the love version. I think I want to focus more on lonliness for hate, honestly. We will see!

Hair: Doe – Pemi – Colors (Gacha Garden 2/20)
Top: Astralia – Jessie – Lilac (Level 2/20)
Bottom: Astralia – Jessie – Lilac (Level 2/20)
Shoes: Reign – Tommy glitter flats
Pose & Props: Extra Selfie Girl 3 (Pose & Phone) | Con/Dust Bunny | Disorderly | Foxwood | Jian
taken at my personal houseboat