I Dare You

You won’t, the message chimed on jer phone as it came through. Laughing, she typed her response while already gathering her things. You must not know me too well then, darling. I’m on my way. Expect a Skype soon.

It wasn’t the first time a silly dare had gotten a bit . . . . . interesting for the pair. This time, a haunted cottage a short drive down a country road was the setting for this “I bet you won’t get off here” challenge. After a quick setup, including setting her phone up to use as a wi-fi hotspot, the task was underway. Ring, Ring, Ring. The look on his face when he answered the call was priceless.

This terrific pose by West End was the focal point of this story, and the setting I made just sort of made this fall right into place. Kaitlyn said, “Why are you masturbating at a haunted abandoned house?” Me: “why not?” And there we go.

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Hair: Pr!tty – Jill – Vibrant(Sat Sale)
Lingerie: Glitzz – Parker Lingerie – Dark Plum
Pose & Props: West End Poses – Touch Myself (Pose Fair After Dark 5/2020) | Toy/Laptop – DB Poses = Camgirl, *KK* Mesh Vibrator, Bwish Vibrator | Fashiowl – Smart Phone
Backdrop/Furniture: Crate Thornfield Set