Tax Information Exchange Agreement Pib

Individuals acting on behalf of an account holder or estate holder who request information described in that bank must prove the legal authority to do so. Some information can be stored in the local web database. People in the general public, including job seekers, employers and third-party representatives, who register with The Job Bank for their placement services. This bank describes the personal data received from employers involved in labour disputes. Personal data may be: name; Social Security number The badge or clock number Information about the work stoppage 1st and last day worked; Location reason for separation; Return to work date The employee`s personal data Financial information. This bank describes information on inspections, investigations and advisory/promotion activities. The information contained in this bank includes reports and registrations relating to the enforcement of the non-smoking health law in federally regulated workplaces. The files contain information obtained through inspections, investigations and advisory/advertising activities and/or the use of a ticket or prosecution. The accuracy of personal data is validated using personal data under the control of the Canada Revenue Agency. This information is described in the GDP Review and Control (CRA PPU 125) specific to the credit rating agency. The information is used for statistical, internal and internal audit and planning purposes. Selected information is made available to the Canada and Quebec Revenue Agency for tax purposes. This information is described in the SYSTEM OF RETOUR AND TRAITEMENT OF PAIEMENTS (CRA PPU 005), specialized in the credit rating agency.

Information can be shared with Statistics Canada for statistical and analytical information; and planning objectives. This information is described in the Institute`s own GDP survey on labour forces (StatCan PPU 015). The information can be shared with the Canada Revenue Agency for the search for debtors with the Crown. This information is described in the individual GDP tax rerears – Action Collection (CRA PPU 050) specific. Subject to formal agreement, information may be exchanged with provincial and local governments for the management and delivery of their programs and the coordination of performance payments and research. The information can also be passed on to employers to help them carry out their duties under the Labour Insurance Act. People who request information described in this bank must provide their name, social security number and date of birth. Those acting on behalf of an account holder or estate must provide written authorization or proof of their legal authority. Personal data can be stored in Canada`s student system and the Loan Servicing System database. These registers cover the collection of information on international for a, negotiations and implementation of multilateral and bilateral initiatives, capacity-building programmes, the promotion of internationally recognized labour standards, and the management of partnerships and consultations with stakeholders.

Other registers concern the International Labour Organization and its committees, as well as the activities of the Organization.