Rental Agreement In Switzerland

The rental market in Switzerland may not be the same as in your home country. Avoid unpleasant surprises by doing a little research before taking your step. During the rental period, the tenant may challenge the rent as abusive and require that it be reduced from the next termination date if he has reason to believe that the lessor will obtain an excessive return on the rental property due to substantial changes in the basis of calculation, including a reduction in costs. In the absence of an agreement or in the absence of adoption of the decision, the party who insists on his request must bring an action within thirty days. If the case is before a judge, it may take one to two years before a final decision is rendered. The landlord can ask for a rent guarantee. In the case of housing rental contracts, the guarantee required may not exceed three months` rent. The lessor is required to deposit the security in a savings account or a deposit account in the name of the tenant. The search for real estate can take time, especially in cities popular with other expats. The most important provisions are found in art. 253 in Article 274g of the right of obligation, as well as in the Regulation on the rental and leasing of residential and commercial immovable property. In addition, there are several other relevant rules.

Finding a beautiful residence in Switzerland – especially in big cities – can be difficult. More than 60% of people rent their homes in Switzerland, but there is a lack of housing that can be rented at any time. It`s worth doing some research before deciding which neighborhood you want to live in, as some neighborhoods are especially difficult to find a building to rent. However, if it turns out that the initial rent calculated by the lessor is significantly higher than the previous rent of the same property or that the tenant has been forced to conclude the rental contract because of personal or family difficulties or because of the conditions prevailing on the local rental property market, the tenant may contest the first rent as abusive within 30 days of taking possession of the property. As in other countries, most Swiss real estate is now advertised online. However, since rental markets are very competitive in some areas, it`s worth taking several approaches to finding your new home. When it comes to the time of the extract, you must inform the owner in writing in a letter that must be sent by registered letter. The Swiss government gives form letters for prematurely terminating a lease that you can use. If you live at home with a partner or other adult, you must all sign the letter. The notice period is usually three months, unless your contract provides otherwise.

In many parts of Switzerland, there is not enough rental housing on the market to meet all housing demands. This means that renting a place can be competitive, and if a large property appears, you can bet it will be taken immediately. . . .