What Is A Prenuptial Agreement In Bitlife

Many of us BitLife players have wondered about the game`s recent additions. Most new additions are self-explanatory, for example, you don`t have to ask what Grand Theft Auto is. However, there are a few new additions that might use an explanation, so this guide explains brand new BitLife jargon. If the character no longer wants to be married to his spouse, he may get divorced, but may have to pay money to his spouse unless he has signed a marriage contract. Less often, the spouse has to pay them the money if the judge decides in favor of the character. A character who has separated or changed the spouse`s surname may choose to revert to their original surname or retain the changed hyphen or surname. Your character will no longer be the step-parent of the stepchildren he had. Ex-spouses appear in the ex tab. It is possible to get back together with an ex-spouse, but only if they have a high relationship in the ex tab. Ex-spouses who have reconnected with your character will not remarry them unless your character gets engaged again and is married again.

In the BitLife universe, prenuptial agreements are a convenient way to make sure you`re not taken to the cleaners when you or your spouse file for divorce, and conversely, if you shoot the Gold Digger tape, they prevent you from receiving a single penny after such a separation. With the new update, Candywriter has made things less dry when it comes to prenups, although it`s still pretty safe to use them (or not use them) to achieve your goals in the game. Once you have tied the knot with your lover, you have the option for him to sign a prenup, or prenup for short. This agreement is directly linked to your assets, i.e. your money. Let`s remove it directly from the flesh of the discussion and talk about a prenup. If it has been at least 10 years of marriage and the relationship is at a high level, a couple can renew their vows. Vow renewals are recommended at least 10 years after the previous renewal of vows, as it is unlikely that the spouse will do so before. If a partner has children from a previous relationship, they do not become stepchildren and only interact with the marriage. So if you had a huge fortune, let`s say you recently won the lottery, you`d want a prenup to protect what`s already yours. When you get divorced, everything you have is divided in the middle, which means that if you didn`t have a prenup, you`ll have to share your assets with your partner, even if you had the assets before you got married. Either way, the success of rejecting a prenup or your other meaningful signature is based on your relationship.

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