Country Girl At Heart

Today was a lazy Sunday. It was Father’s Day in the real world, so did some of that festivities including the amazing NY strip steaks I cooked in the sous vide and seared in the cast iron skillet, homemade mac and cheese, and green beans that I threw down. The rest of the day was spent laughing at SL Secrets and landscaping the outside of our area. It’s absolutely perfect now, with little cuddle and photographic nooks, farm animals and structures, and a lazy river with a gorgeous bridge connecting two areas.

I managed to get some shopping done too! Between Belle, Summerfest, and the Saturday Sale, I managed to blow a lot this week. But holy crap I love the stuff I got!

I can’t believe on Wednesday my avatar will turn 15 years old. 15 crazy years in this virtual world, and then a few days after that I’ll be married in the virtual world. What a crazy few weeks it’s been. But I can’t remember when I’ve been so content in all my lives, happy, and worry free. It’s a good feeling. And now, without further ado . . . my credits!

Hair: Wasabi – Summer – Fireworks (Summerfest 6/2020)
Dress: Addams – Heaven Dress (SL17B Shop & Hop Special Edition)
Shoes: Breathe – Hanoka Wedges – Purple
Pose/Fence: Clix Poses – Fenced Inn (Sat Sale 6/2020)
Cori’s Horse: Teegle Sugar Cookie with The Flying Pony Mulberry Wine Skin
Stable: Roxy Stable
Taken at Cori’s House

Everything Changes

What a whirlwind of a time! My RL birthday is in 2 days and I have been preparing to take over ownership of Stanza starting September first, along with juggling getting my toddler ready for his preschool to start up again and still recuperate from being down with the kidney stone, also still doing my music and trying to find time to learn new songs. Then sleep sometimes. It’s a crazy life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve been going under some inventory rehaul – I organized all my purple hairs into styles the other day, and I thought that was gonna kill me. My goal now is to make outfits with all the clothing I’ve collected over the years, organized by name, and take a photo – I know there’s a wardrobe app and that’s what I’m going to end up using as soon as I figure out how. For now, this is the first of today’s outfits, taken at the front of my newly acquired apartment at Idle Rogue, the best community out there.

Hair: Pr!tty – Alessia – Colorfuls (Saturday Sale)
Top: Addams – Tina mini T-shirt – SuperHero
Shorts: Addams – Peal Shorts – N26
Socks: Cynful – Cotton Socks – Color Pack 2 (FLF)
Shoes: Candy Kitten – Twinkle Star Sneakers
Pose/Prop: Foxcity – Taxi (Sat Sale)
to see my every day jewelry / skin / component list, click here. taken at my apartment on Idle Rogue