My Confused Face

Let me tell you that I feel absolutely blessed to be able to blog for Pose Fair. The staff is amazing, and our blogger manager is super attentive and if it wasn’t for him I might not be able to remember deadlines. Thank goodness for awesome people! That being said, the creators really brought it this round! I hadn’t been able to get much time with Drake in-world, so some of the couples poses I haven’t gotten to hit yet (though I’m looking SO forward to it) but there were enough solo style poses to keep me busy and keep the posts flowing.

Today was also Collabor88, which means yup! New hair! (I bought a cute banana dick pic shirt from Tres Blah too, but that’ll be for another post). Foxy’s new little mini braids hairstyle is amazing. The fit for Lelu Evo is right on point too. Kudos to miss Liza!

Have you ever gotten an update redelivery from somewhere (like when a creator adds a new body or something) and it’s like rediscovering an old friend? That’s what happened with these shorts the other day. Cynful did a great job and I am happy to have re-found them!

Hair:Foxy – Smitten – Pastel (Collabor88 9/2020)
Top: Vinyl – Blackberry top (Sat Sale 9/2020)
Shorts/Stockings: Cynful – Sweet Cheeks Shorts – Flower Animated
Shoes: Blueberry – Elias Combat Boots
Pose: Ruby Poses – Confused (6) (Pose Fair 9/2020)
Backdrop: Paleto – Amizmiz

These Pictures of You

This is a story of love and loss. I chose this medium for my “hate” portrait for the Adams Photo Challenge mostly because it symbolizes the worst and best kind of feeling, the feeling of letting go after you lose someone important to you. 2019 started out as a year of loss for me. It started with losing my partner at the beginning of the year, and losing the people I held closest as family mid-year. However, after that I not only found kinship with a new, amazing group of people I’m proud to call family (I love you Anatines), I also learned to be with myself.

Do I miss the people I am moving on from? Yeah, sometimes, of course. When you care about someone you can’t just turn it off. I wish all of them the best. But, it’s also time to let that shit go and move on with life. Be ready to make new experiences and new mistakes. That’s where I am now. Leaving the hate and hurt in the past and moving on.

Hair: Foxy – Bunny – Pastels (tinted) (C88 2/20)
Top: Decoy – Rosalie Crop Top – Plum
Bottom: Blueberry – Unbothered Jeans
Shoes: Reign – Breathe – Kiko Heels – Purple
Pose & Props: WetCat: Over You | Jian: Jack Russell Kissing Booth (Sat Sale 2/20)
taken in front of my apartment at idle rogue

Leo Season

What a week! It’s mid-week and first off, I’m super proud of keeping up my posting with everything going on in life, and secondly, my birthday is in EIGHT DAYS. I am so excited! There’s a party on the 24th and this is the pic I am using for the invitation, which I’m sharing at y’all.

Just about everything I’m wearing is from Collabor88, which is galaxy / stardust theme, which is what I’m going to to also theme my party around. It’s open to the Public, at the Dumpster Dive, starting at 7pm with live music all evening. I can’t wait!

Hair: Truth – Oksana v1 – Jewel
Outfit: Evani – Scarlet Sequin Top/Bottom (C88 8/19)
Boots: Breathe – Nanaki Heels – Black (C88 8/19)
Orb Prop: Egosumaii – Magical Orb – Nebula
Back and Props: Foxwood – Starlight Skybox Apartment (C88 8/19) || Soy – Pinned Astronomy Wall Decor (C88) || Second Spaces – Stardust Twinkle – White (C88 8/19)

We Are Stardust

Two days in a row? I actually wore this last night for my show and beyond. I really love this particular outfit and played the unicorn backpack gacha til I got the one that matches it. This is often in my rotation, but felt cute last night. Also, let me just SQUEEEEEE that Pr!tty is putting the colorfuls hud back in the saturday sale packs. I hope they start being in new releases as well cause I will buy alllllll of them. I love her hair so much.

The backdrop and pose is another steal from Collabor88’s celestial / galaxy round, and holy crap I love it. I like the projector and the colors and everything. So, a bonus from last night.

Hair: Pr!tty – Yeemi – Colorfuls (Saturday Sale 8/19)
Dress, Boots: *CK* Candy Kitten – I Donut Care
Backpack: CK Unicorn Backpack – Donut (Gacha Garden 8/19)
Jewelry: Izzie’s – Say It With A Bracelet (Best bitches) – L Wrist // E. Marie – Camila Bracelets – Rose gold – R Wrist // Supernatural – Karina Choker Silver // EarthStones – Music of the Heart II Necklace- Soul Trio // Swallow – Princess Face Jewelry and Bento Rings AND ears
Prop/Pose: Foxcity: Stardust (Backdrop & Pose) (C88 8/19)

Twinkle, Twinkle . . .

This has been my first photo in what feels like forever. I want to talk about some stuff going on in my life, but first I should update – I went on a week vacation to Ohio to visit with my family and got back last Thursday. Friday afternoon I was in the ER and subsequently in the hospital with massive kidney stone that took two total procedures over the course of a week to get me back to better health. I’m doing fine, and coming back to do my first show in 2 weeks here in Second Life. Things are finally (physically and RL) returning to normal.

Two days ago I lost someone that was very important to me. It was in the same fashion as I’d seen her cut out other people when they failed to offer anything she needed, and looking back I realized that there was a lot of using going on, so I’m going to be okay with not having that “support” in the future. The thing that I do have, is a group of absolutely wonderful people I can lean on at any time and we would do anything for each other, so the loss of someone so fake and sad isn’t going to hurt me in the long run. This will be the last time I publicly address this, so if for some reason she sees it, she can just keep me blocked cause there’s no going back from the shit she put me through. =)

C88 was full of galaxy and stardust stuff for their anniversary, but this “Twinkle” deco was too much to pass up since that’s the nickname that Troy has for me. So, this photo is really for him and to thank him and my management team for putting up with me and supporting me daily. I love all of you so much!

Hair: Magika – Rose
Dress: Clef de Peau – Plisse Dress – Flore (FLF 8/19)
Shoes: RealEvil Fiore Barefoot Sandals Fameshed 8/19)
Jewelry: Izzie’s – Say It With A Bracelet (Best bitches) – L Wrist // E. Marie – Camila Bracelets – Rose gold – R Wrist // Supernatural – Karina Choker Silver // EarthStones – Music of the Heart II Necklace- Soul Trio // Swallow – Princess Face Jewelry and Bento Rings AND ears
Prop/Pose: Foxcity: Dream Sequence
In the Background: Second Spaces – Stardust – Twinkle White (C88 8/19)
taken at my houseboat

Lavender Fields Forever

It’s been forever since I posted anything, it feels like. It’s been an exhausting few weeks IRL and I’ve been barely keeping my head above water. Going to try to pull myself together and get more postings done, and that will probably means Cori opens up to a little more Cori stuff and works it out here as well. It’ll be a process and honestly, who even reads all this anyway? lol.

Collabor88 is upon us again, and this round was extra good. I got a ton of stuff, and this dress was the first thing I bought. I love the patterns Tres Blah came up with, this one being my favorite. The only thing I don’t love is how the texture kinda stretches in the front with any movement. It sucks for photos but I loved this shot so much I decided to keep it anyway. This lavender fields from Milk Motion was gorgeous too and it fit perfectly with the Fashiowl pose I’d gotten a few days prior at The Liaison Collaborative. All in all, this is a bloomy picture and I can almost smell it – or is that the lavender vanilla glade bathroom sprayer I smell? Either way, it’s beautiful.

Hair: Doux – Tati (C88 7/19)
Dress: Tres Blah – Maxi Dress – Bloom (C88 7/19)
Shoes: Astralia – Totem Wedges
Pose/Prop: Fashiowl – Provenza (TLC 7/19)
Background/Lavender: Milk Motion 0 Lavender Field (c88 7/19)


I have a male alt. I dressed him pretty because no guy I’ve ever dated has ever really suffered well through photos. I decided to actually put some of these couples poses to use and snap a photo with my pretty boy.

I’ve had a really rough week and a half, but I am finally coming out of it. I just really want to thank everyone for their thoughts, good wishes, prayers and otherwise being generally awesome while my RL fam gets through this awful time. I really love everyone that has checked in on me and supported and loved me as much as y’all have. Thank you again, really, from the bottom of my heart.

Hair: Magika – Love
Flower Tiara: Eternus – Spring Flutter Tiara
Top: Tres Blah – Aspen Tunic – Floral (Collabor88 5/19)
Jeans: .Miu – Nina High Waist Jeans – Dark Blue (Fameshed 5/19)
Shoes: EQUAL – Lexi Boots – Brown
Pose: Equal – Up She Goes
Backdrop: Minimal – Hope Backdrop

Cute Boy’s Stats
Body: Belleza Jake
Head: Catwa Daniel
Skin: L’Etre Troy Skin – Sandy Tone
Hair: Stealthic – Haunting – Browns
Hoodie: Nero Giorgio Hoodie – Grey
Jeans: Cold ash – Holloway Ripped Jeans – vintage blue


Welp, this post merges two of my favorite pastimes: Shopping and horse riding.

Collabor88 hit today which means my wallet is yelling pineapple at me all day long. Of course I get home and immediately start throwing things on, and the first was this adorable spring dress from Pixicat. It’s funny because I also loooove their fall offerings and that’s when it is officially fall for me – when I get into a Pixicat oversized sweater and leggings and boots. Then it’s time to change the leaves on the sim!

Besides shopping, horseback riding is a fairly new hobby of mine. I had the older water horse (before they went animesh) and looked into just upgrading that, but I went into the Teegle booth at the Fantasy Faire and fell in love with this demo. I got the pale sugar cookie version, but then Sinder from The Flying Pony linked this beautiful sunset skin for it and I was hooked. Now this horse matches my personality, my hair, and most of my clothing. When I’m not riding her I have this stable setup and it’s just wonderful! What do you think?

Hair: Stealthic – Mirage – Misc (Collabor88 5/19)
Dress: Pixicat – Spring Dress – Daisies (Collabor88 5/19)
Shoes: Reign – Bloomin’ Heels (Saturday Sale 4/19)
My Little Pony: Teegle Sugar Cookie Animesh Horse with The Flying Pony skin Sunset
Also Featured: D-Lab Stable set (Uber 4/2019) | Jian Feeding Sheep (Uber 4/2019) | RM Art of Poses – Horse | Secret Poses – My Horse
taken at my home


Spring has sprung! I have returned from my sister’s wedding in the mountains, where a ho became a housewife. ♥ All jokes aside it was a beautiful day, she looked beautiful, and they seemed super happy. I got a mini vacation out of it and some beautiful scenery, family time, and decent food, so I can’t complain too much.

I came back and hit up the Saturday sale a day late. Almost all of the vendors had their stuff out (shout out to those MVP’s that keep them out all weekend, you rock!) and so I got some good deals. Then I hit Belle, Spring Flair, and this AM even got into the Truth sale and hit C88. It was a productive shopping day and I finally got to dive into some of this stuff I’ve collected! Expect many more photos this week even though RL still has a partial hold on me.

As I was setting up for this scene I couldn’t get the song “Sunflowers” by Everclear out of my head. It was one of my favorites from years ago and now reminds me of my own LCB child. ♥ So I will share it with you all too!

When you were a child
You were happy and free
You were my reason to live
I would die when you smiled at me
I can still see you
I remember you painting
Sunflowers in your room
Hear the Entire Song

Hair: Truth – Imani – Jewel
Shorts: Le Fil Casse – Lorianne Denim Shorts – True Blue (C88 4/19)
Shoes: N-Core – Vera – Lilac (Sat Sale 4/6/19)
Pose & Held Props: Focus Poses: Find the beauty in small things (Spring Flair 2 4/2019)
In the Background:Bad Katz Sunflowers | Half-Deer Windblown Ribbons (C88 4/19) | Junk Food Rustic Lemonade Stand
taken on my home sim