Unbreakable Bond

I freaking love horses. Seriously. I was on horses before I could walk. I have photos of me in shows as early as 2 years old, and somewhere exists bunches of trophies I won as well. So I know firsthand that there is a pure love in the unbreakable bond of girl and horse. Also, I’m country. I have liberal views and ideas but I grew up simple, on a farm in middle Tennessee, and this outfit that I (mostly) copped from Uber made me feel country. So, here I am at our stables on the land, hamming it up with Philippe.

These boots are pretty awesome too. They are unisex with fits for men and women in the folder, so you can even match your favorite dude when you go out riding. I can’t wait to get on our horses and go explore maybe this weekend? Maybe.

Hair:Wasabi – Finley Mesh Hair – Fireworks (Uber 7/2020)
Shirt: Neve – Gust Pane (Uber 7/2020)
Jeans: Blueberry – Unbothered Jeans – Fatpack
Boots: Equal – Spenser Boots – Brown (Uber 7/2020)
Pose/Props: Fashiowl – Philippe
Stable: Roxy

Lavender Fields Forever

It’s been forever since I posted anything, it feels like. It’s been an exhausting few weeks IRL and I’ve been barely keeping my head above water. Going to try to pull myself together and get more postings done, and that will probably means Cori opens up to a little more Cori stuff and works it out here as well. It’ll be a process and honestly, who even reads all this anyway? lol.

Collabor88 is upon us again, and this round was extra good. I got a ton of stuff, and this dress was the first thing I bought. I love the patterns Tres Blah came up with, this one being my favorite. The only thing I don’t love is how the texture kinda stretches in the front with any movement. It sucks for photos but I loved this shot so much I decided to keep it anyway. This lavender fields from Milk Motion was gorgeous too and it fit perfectly with the Fashiowl pose I’d gotten a few days prior at The Liaison Collaborative. All in all, this is a bloomy picture and I can almost smell it – or is that the lavender vanilla glade bathroom sprayer I smell? Either way, it’s beautiful.

Hair: Doux – Tati (C88 7/19)
Dress: Tres Blah – Maxi Dress – Bloom (C88 7/19)
Shoes: Astralia – Totem Wedges
Pose/Prop: Fashiowl – Provenza (TLC 7/19)
Background/Lavender: Milk Motion 0 Lavender Field (c88 7/19)