Bucket And a Mop

Everyone knows this iconic scene by now. And since apparently I’m on a Megan Thee Stallion kick, here’s another from one of my favorite jams lately. Don’t even @ me, it’s good and you know you love it.

This pose was perfect to couple with this formal dress to pull off the look I was going for. I hope you like!

Hair:Truth – Poetry – Jewel
Dress: Just Because – Mya Gown – 20Purple
Pose/Props: PinkMoss – Damn Your Eyes (Pose fair 9/2020)
Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Wet Azz Backdrop (Kustom9 9/2020)

Versace on the Floor

It’s rare that I get to play with fun girl on girl poses, and I do like them so much. Of course when I decided to do one, one of my dearest friends (Abigail) was the first one I called because I knew she’d show up sexy and ready for fun. Boy, was I right!

I like that this pose has some room for customization. Depending on the look you’re going for, it can be more heated or more innocent. I was going for a little more subtle. The beginnings of a passionate tryst on a dressing room floor, clothing discarded underneath us carelessly, beginning to slowly strip her clothing as she perches atop me.

I’d like to thank the lovely Abigail so much for taking the time to pose with me. It’s always a pleasure to see you and hang out! ♥

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Hair: Pr!tty – Krista – Vibrant(Sat Sale)
Lingerie: Decoy – Melanie Lingerie – Lavender
Pose & Props: PinkMoss – The Red Room (Pose Fair After Dark 5/2020) | S-E: Clothes Pile
Backdrop: K&S – Changing Room

Abigail’s Details
Hair:Stealthic – Allure
Jumper: CandyDoll – Raluka Jumper
Shoes: Enchante’ – Faine Heels
Choker: Cheeky Double Choker
Head/Face: Lelutka Nova Head | MILA Flash Winged Eyeliner | Izzie’s Blush/Countour Remover , Highlight Corrector
Body: Legacy Mesh Body, glam Affair = Xia 005, Rosalie Moles | Izzie’s Stretch Marks & Cellulite, Bikini Tan Lines