Apocalypse Now

Talking with a friend yesterday about the pandemic, and we laughed about it not being a zombie apocalypse. I said, “well the vaccine has just been introduced and who knows how that’s going to go, so there’s still time for the tables to turn.” We laughed, but you know, it inspired me.

2020 and the first bit of this year certainly has felt like an apocalypse in and of itself. But here we are, surviving, and ready to take on the next thing.. badass as ever.


Hair Cori: Pr!tty – Poni – Vibrant
Hair Lara:Truth – Joy (VIP)
Top Cori: AsteroidBox – Ryan Tank – Unisex
Top Lara: AsteroidBox – Zara Tshirt – Camo
Bottom: AsteroidBox – Iris Shorts – Camo
Shoes: AsteroidBox – Obsidian
Pose/Props: Cuca Poses – Ride or Die 04 (Pose Fair 03/21)
Background: My Sim! Structure by Bunker

New Rules

As I write this, I am a little more annoyed than I probably have the right to be, but they’re my feelings right now and I own it. I purposely deprived myself of much needed sleep so I could spend time with a certain husband, but the only thing I got was a big cup of coffee and tired. I am annoyed and this too shall pass, but right now, I’m a cranky pissant.

Since I was up early I did manage to blow through the Saturday Sales I had earmarked for purchase, and boy did I spend a lot! Yesterday’s Fifty Linden Friday had me going around more than I had in a good long while too, so kudos to the designers! Then I was so frustrated by the time I got home I dressed up sexy anyway and took this photo.

New Rules was playing on the radio getting me gassed up and turning my annoyance into anger, but I quickly got that under control and put irrational Cori back in the headspace she belongs in. I’m still annoyed, but I’m not raging. And that’s good enough for now. The rest will pass, hopefully sooner than later.

Hair:Pr!tty – Honey – Vibrant (Happy Weekend 7/20)
Lingerie/Stockings: Moon Elixir x MUSE – Peep Show – Lilac (Sat Sale 7/20)
Shoes: Essenz – Bali Pack 5
Pose/Props: FFoxcity – Lolita Pose & Crop
In the Bedroom: Dirty Princess – Nautical Beach Bed | Backbone – Pile of Clothes – Dark

Into the Nebula

In the grand scheme of things, I’m having a pretty rough day. Lots of stupid little things have been piling up and making my attitude generally shit. Trying to shake it off, but it’s just one of those days. So, ignoring all my other bs going on, I went to make a photo. I loved this dress I just picked up at Kustom9 from one of my favorite cool costume designers (especially in the gacha world), Luas, so I went to Backdrop City and found something kawaii, neon and purple – and threw on my lumipro and went to work.

Doing photos is very theraputic, and here I am after the photo is done, feeling a little better. In the grand scheme of things life isn’t so bad, and I just need to work harder at not letting the little things get me down so much. It’s a daily struggle though because sometimes depression anda anxiety piles up to the point I just get overwhelmed. Thankfully I have my hobbies to immerse in until I feel better.

Enough about all that. The Epiphany opens at 10pm and I am PUMPED! I always spend too much at gachas but it’s so fun! And shopping is theraputic as well! So I hope to see you all there (but only after I get in! hah) and playing your favorite creator’s gacha!

Hair:Pr!tty – Lemonade – Vibrant Rootless (Group Gift)
Dress: Luas – Dani – Purple/Green (Kustom9 7/20)
Shoes: Empire – Kiri (FLF 6/2020)
Pose/Props: Foxcity – Spirited Away | EgoSumaii – Magical Orb – Nebula
Backdrop: Minimal – Shibuya Street Backdrop (At Backdrop City)

You Liar!

A little break from all the naughtiness to do a photo challenge! Adam’s Photo Challenge came back for the month of June, and am I glad it was. The challenge was to recreate a scene in a movie or television show, and I have seen some amazing entries so far. I thought at first I’d do something from my favorite movie, Lord of the Rings – I have the ears after all, so why not pay tribute to Arwen. However, we all know that I’m not a little right in the head, right? . . .

My current obsession during this pandemic is 90 Day Fiance. I have watched previous seasons but not religiously mostly because I didn’t really watch a ton of TV. Getting a Roku tv in the office though? My downfall for sure, haha. I started Before the 90 Days this past season and Darcy was on it, which just reminded me of the first season she was on with Jessie, and this iconic scene. So, I went outside my normal purple hair comfort box and tried to recreate it. How did I do?

Hair: Pr!tty – Rose
Dress: Candy Kitten – The Reason Dress – Unicorn
Coat: Bel Fiore – Diva Coat Fur – White
Shoes: Breathe – Ayumi Heels – White
Pose & Prop: Something New – Travelling Sisters | Move It – 2011 Panorama LX Taxi Van
Backdrop: Taken at Backdrop City

I Dare You

You won’t, the message chimed on jer phone as it came through. Laughing, she typed her response while already gathering her things. You must not know me too well then, darling. I’m on my way. Expect a Skype soon.

It wasn’t the first time a silly dare had gotten a bit . . . . . interesting for the pair. This time, a haunted cottage a short drive down a country road was the setting for this “I bet you won’t get off here” challenge. After a quick setup, including setting her phone up to use as a wi-fi hotspot, the task was underway. Ring, Ring, Ring. The look on his face when he answered the call was priceless.

This terrific pose by West End was the focal point of this story, and the setting I made just sort of made this fall right into place. Kaitlyn said, “Why are you masturbating at a haunted abandoned house?” Me: “why not?” And there we go.

Visit The Post Fair Here! (slurl)

Hair: Pr!tty – Jill – Vibrant(Sat Sale)
Lingerie: Glitzz – Parker Lingerie – Dark Plum
Pose & Props: West End Poses – Touch Myself (Pose Fair After Dark 5/2020) | Toy/Laptop – DB Poses = Camgirl, *KK* Mesh Vibrator, Bwish Vibrator | Fashiowl – Smart Phone
Backdrop/Furniture: Crate Thornfield Set

Come And Get It

Come & Get It

I love how this pose is laid out. Sultry, inviting, definitely needing a delicate piece of lingerie like the Luas set I chose – which has garter straps but no garters or anything, so I had to get creative. Luckily these Blueberry shoes and fishnets fit the bill just fine. Altogether, it’s pretty but hot all at the same time. A perfect invitiation to come and get it.

I couldn’t get that Selena Gomez song out of my head as I was doing this, so that’s definitely my inspiration for this particular photo. I hope you like it, and I hope you pick it up at the Pose Fair After Dark starting soon!

Visit The Post Fair Here! (slurl)

Hair: Pr!tty – Panda- Vibrant(Sat Sale)
Lingerie: Luas – Jacintha – Pink
Shoes: Blueberry – Stella Fishnet & Shoes
Pose & Props: Something New – My Oh My (Pose Fair After Dark 5/2020)
Backdrop: LOP – Romantic Room

Versace on the Floor

It’s rare that I get to play with fun girl on girl poses, and I do like them so much. Of course when I decided to do one, one of my dearest friends (Abigail) was the first one I called because I knew she’d show up sexy and ready for fun. Boy, was I right!

I like that this pose has some room for customization. Depending on the look you’re going for, it can be more heated or more innocent. I was going for a little more subtle. The beginnings of a passionate tryst on a dressing room floor, clothing discarded underneath us carelessly, beginning to slowly strip her clothing as she perches atop me.

I’d like to thank the lovely Abigail so much for taking the time to pose with me. It’s always a pleasure to see you and hang out! ♥

Visit The Post Fair Here! (slurl)

Hair: Pr!tty – Krista – Vibrant(Sat Sale)
Lingerie: Decoy – Melanie Lingerie – Lavender
Pose & Props: PinkMoss – The Red Room (Pose Fair After Dark 5/2020) | S-E: Clothes Pile
Backdrop: K&S – Changing Room

Abigail’s Details
Hair:Stealthic – Allure
Jumper: CandyDoll – Raluka Jumper
Shoes: Enchante’ – Faine Heels
Choker: Cheeky Double Choker
Head/Face: Lelutka Nova Head | MILA Flash Winged Eyeliner | Izzie’s Blush/Countour Remover , Highlight Corrector
Body: Legacy Mesh Body, glam Affair = Xia 005, Rosalie Moles | Izzie’s Stretch Marks & Cellulite, Bikini Tan Lines

Does It Matter?

It’s me again, Margaret.

Does anyone even remember that song or am I showing my ancient age again? Hah. Annnnnyway. . .

I’ve not kept up with this blog like I’ve really wanted. Between quarrantine, a virus scare, having a house full when I’m not used to it, an emergency move to Alabama, getting more heavily involved in WoW and putting my SL Music on hiatus, this has just gotten put on the back burner and when I think I want to do something, I have been lazy and unmotivated. I’m going to try to start to do better and actually start improving my photos.

I got this jacket at this week’s FLF and from there build a whole outfit around AsteroidBox. I really like their darker things, and get excited when they have some clothing out. I tend to buy their Sat Sale and even Kustom9 offerings when it fits my style, like this does. I’m kind of obsessed with this look, especially with the shorter hair. What do you think?

Hair: Pr!tty – Marianna (short) – Vibrant (Sat Sale 5/20)
Top: Asteroidbox – Avery Jacket (FLF 5/22/20)
Pants: Asteroidbox – Malus Pants – Black
Boots: Reign – Carly Leggings (Sat Sale)
Purse: Asteroidbox – Moon Clutch Bag (Sat Sale)
Pose & Props:Foxcity Photo Booth – Down the Rabbit Hole | Pose: Foxcity – Silhouette – 2 | Dog: Jian Pupper Parlor 13 – Silver Wanderer

Music Inspiration Series – She Just Wants To Be

inspiration for today’s post

I’m gonna admit, I took inspiration to do this series from Trouble Dethly’s moments I regret series he is doing. While I have so many regrettable moments in my life, honestly the most defining things about me are my musical moments. So, I decided to recreate moments from my favorite songs, and the emotions they inspire.

“She Just Wants To Be” by R.E.M. is my first one. This song has been one of my top five defining songs for years. I mean, like most of my adult life. It’s my favorite CD, my favorite band, but this song specifically. “It’s not that she walked away, her world got smaller.” The words are so powerful.

I took that feeling of just wanting to be somewhere, anywhere, the feeling of growing too small where you’re at and feeling the wanderlust take over, and put it into an image. I hope you like it.

Hair: Pr!tty – Boomi (recolor) (Sat Sale 2/20)
Suit: Chic Moda – Soriya Bodysuit – Plum (Belle 2/20)
Shoes: Breathe – Takumi Heels
Pose & Props: Foxcity – Melancholo (Sat Sale 2/20) | Something New – Traveling Sisters
taken at backdrop city

Everything Changes

What a whirlwind of a time! My RL birthday is in 2 days and I have been preparing to take over ownership of Stanza starting September first, along with juggling getting my toddler ready for his preschool to start up again and still recuperate from being down with the kidney stone, also still doing my music and trying to find time to learn new songs. Then sleep sometimes. It’s a crazy life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve been going under some inventory rehaul – I organized all my purple hairs into styles the other day, and I thought that was gonna kill me. My goal now is to make outfits with all the clothing I’ve collected over the years, organized by name, and take a photo – I know there’s a wardrobe app and that’s what I’m going to end up using as soon as I figure out how. For now, this is the first of today’s outfits, taken at the front of my newly acquired apartment at Idle Rogue, the best community out there.

Hair: Pr!tty – Alessia – Colorfuls (Saturday Sale)
Top: Addams – Tina mini T-shirt – SuperHero
Shorts: Addams – Peal Shorts – N26
Socks: Cynful – Cotton Socks – Color Pack 2 (FLF)
Shoes: Candy Kitten – Twinkle Star Sneakers
Pose/Prop: Foxcity – Taxi (Sat Sale)
to see my every day jewelry / skin / component list, click here. taken at my apartment on Idle Rogue