It’s been tough figuring out which pose I want to do next, because we had some talented designers doing some amazing things. I picked up this skybox today at the Saturday sale because it looked classy and I was like “I bet I can incorporate that into a photo.” And lo and behold, I got the chance to use it immediately!

I love the poses on this hoop. So classy! There are two different ones, but this was the one I settled on. With a belly, sometimes it’s hard to snap that perfect photo without going all weird. This one came out ok though! And guys, go listen to some live music at Pose Fair today!


Hair: Wasabi – Tea – Fireworks
Top: Blueberry – Catch Me Budgetberry Set
Shoes: Blueberry – Cori
Pose/prop: Sassy Sweet Poses – Aerial Hoops 1 (Pose Fair 3/21)
Background: Pitaya – Magic Practice Skybox (Sat Sale 3/21)

15 Years, New Heads, & Life

Today (as it’s past midnight) is my 15th rez day. I’ve been in Second Life for fifteen years and boy, have I seen some things.

I joined in June of 2005, coming here from a different sort of avatar based chat platform (seducity – does anyone remember that? Lawdy Jesus). Felicity and I were total noobs and of course the avatars looked much different then.

at Ice Dragon’s Playpen – MAN I miss Tringo!

I remember when I discovered live music. It was an amazing special time a few years later, and I fell in love with the scene. Back then there were hardly as many people and boy was the scene different. The talent was amazing, and it was lots of original artists who actually made livings off their sl performances. CQ was one of the ones I grew very close with, and I even managed his career in SL for a while. CQ’s recently come back and boy, am I glad. Our friendship has perservered over years, miles, misunderstandings and mistakes, and I am so proud to call this talented dude friend.

Me, Abi, Britta and Kenda, all at a CQ show together.

I was there for flexi prims, back when there was migration from system layers into sculpted and built items for clothing, and eventually when we evolved into mesh. Well, I take it back. I was on a “hiatus” when mesh actually came out. For a while, though, I was a creator of the cutest flexi clothing a linden could buy. Sweet Treats was born.

This was extra special right?

My life changed when was managing CQ during his second return to Second Life (we’re on the third coming right now, for those of you keeping track). He was performing at a place called Rhi’s Poem, on the Mai Tai Sim. The owner, Meegan, and I became fast friends along with her other right hand woman, Jinx. The three of us became inseparable and my love for them infinite. Jinx migrated from SL for a while, and Rhi’s Poem turned into Rhi’s After Dark, and then eventually moved to Idle Rogue and became an intricate part of that place. But for a while? I was helping run that shit. Then, I got pregnant in real life . . .

Back when the venue was brand spanking new!

After my most recent (which is like four years now) return to Second Life, I took up performing myself, and I still after all these years have amazing love for the Live Music community. You won’t find another group that is more uplifting, more caring, more friendly and ready to help and offer love. Is there drama? Of course. Is there bullshit? You know it. But in the end, the good so so outweighs the bad, and I am happy to be a part of it.

I love the friendships I’ve made here in SL. I love the connections, I love the growth I’ve experienced, and most of all, I love how I’ve grown because of it. I love you guys, and I hope you’ll come through the next 15 with me!

Since it was a special day, I treated myself to a new head since who knows what is going on with Genus. So, earlier today, I bought the Lelutka Nova evolution head and started learning Bakes on Mesh – I think I did ok, what do you think?

A close up head shot with my new head! featuring the cute Sady top from Chic Moda.

Leo Season

What a week! It’s mid-week and first off, I’m super proud of keeping up my posting with everything going on in life, and secondly, my birthday is in EIGHT DAYS. I am so excited! There’s a party on the 24th and this is the pic I am using for the invitation, which I’m sharing at y’all.

Just about everything I’m wearing is from Collabor88, which is galaxy / stardust theme, which is what I’m going to to also theme my party around. It’s open to the Public, at the Dumpster Dive, starting at 7pm with live music all evening. I can’t wait!

Hair: Truth – Oksana v1 – Jewel
Outfit: Evani – Scarlet Sequin Top/Bottom (C88 8/19)
Boots: Breathe – Nanaki Heels – Black (C88 8/19)
Orb Prop: Egosumaii – Magical Orb – Nebula
Back and Props: Foxwood – Starlight Skybox Apartment (C88 8/19) || Soy – Pinned Astronomy Wall Decor (C88) || Second Spaces – Stardust Twinkle – White (C88 8/19)

Twinkle, Twinkle . . .

This has been my first photo in what feels like forever. I want to talk about some stuff going on in my life, but first I should update – I went on a week vacation to Ohio to visit with my family and got back last Thursday. Friday afternoon I was in the ER and subsequently in the hospital with massive kidney stone that took two total procedures over the course of a week to get me back to better health. I’m doing fine, and coming back to do my first show in 2 weeks here in Second Life. Things are finally (physically and RL) returning to normal.

Two days ago I lost someone that was very important to me. It was in the same fashion as I’d seen her cut out other people when they failed to offer anything she needed, and looking back I realized that there was a lot of using going on, so I’m going to be okay with not having that “support” in the future. The thing that I do have, is a group of absolutely wonderful people I can lean on at any time and we would do anything for each other, so the loss of someone so fake and sad isn’t going to hurt me in the long run. This will be the last time I publicly address this, so if for some reason she sees it, she can just keep me blocked cause there’s no going back from the shit she put me through. =)

C88 was full of galaxy and stardust stuff for their anniversary, but this “Twinkle” deco was too much to pass up since that’s the nickname that Troy has for me. So, this photo is really for him and to thank him and my management team for putting up with me and supporting me daily. I love all of you so much!

Hair: Magika – Rose
Dress: Clef de Peau – Plisse Dress – Flore (FLF 8/19)
Shoes: RealEvil Fiore Barefoot Sandals Fameshed 8/19)
Jewelry: Izzie’s – Say It With A Bracelet (Best bitches) – L Wrist // E. Marie – Camila Bracelets – Rose gold – R Wrist // Supernatural – Karina Choker Silver // EarthStones – Music of the Heart II Necklace- Soul Trio // Swallow – Princess Face Jewelry and Bento Rings AND ears
Prop/Pose: Foxcity: Dream Sequence
In the Background: Second Spaces – Stardust – Twinkle White (C88 8/19)
taken at my houseboat

Unicorn Day

Today’s a special day, because it’s UNICORN day! Pink Cream Pie had a whole little unicorn corner that some designers and builders had filled with unicorn-y goodness, and I went and picked up a few things. The boots I already had. Candy Kitten put out unicorn heels, boots, and sneakers and I own them all (as well as just about every unicorn clothing piece they have there!) – and they fit just perfect. Not pictured: An adorable unicorn bouncer. Everything is super cheap but I don’t know how long it will be there, because today is Unicorn Day.

Also, as a special notice today, I’ll be doing a unicorny charity event at the Jagged Edge for a good friend of the SL Music Scene, Tommy Bayn. He’s suffering from a complex pain syndrome that leaves him in agony daily. While the medical procedure itself is paid for there is very expensive aftercare involved. Those of us that know and love Tommy are helping by donating an hour of our time and any tips earned to help pay for such aftercare. I’d love if you all came to support me at 4pm SLT (or come at 3, because the lovely Agatha will be before me). CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE JAGGED EDGE

Hair: Truth – Coco – Colours
Dress: Pink Cream Pie – Lisa Dress – Anycorn Pack
Shoes: Candy Kitten – Unicorn Boots
Pose & Held Props: SSP: Unicorn Day 2019 / Unicorns I Love Them
In the Background:Dysfunctionality Poppies | Organica Cherry Tree
taken on my home sim


I am super excited for this photo, because I got to choose the weekend challenge this time. I chose underwater life with light beams from above the surface. This particular shot gave me the perfect excuse to break out the mermaid getup I’d only used once or twice (at a venue I used to play at that was underwater). I took inspiration from a poem on my friend Porter’s profile by the inspiring Tapiwa Mugabe, which I have included below:

All she wanted
was to find a place to stretch her bones.
A place to lengthen her smiles
and spread her hair.
A place where her legs could walk
without cutting and bruising.
A place unchained.
She was born out of ocean breath.
I reminded her;
‘Stop pouring so much of yourself
into hearts that have no room
for themselves.
Do not thin yourself.
Be vast.
You do not bring the ocean to a river.

Profound words, indeed. I searched a few different sims looking for the right underwater spot to take my photo, and the beautiful Hana Aloha Surfing Paradise sim was the final spot to call my name. It’s gorgeous both below water and above surface.

I am leaving tomorrow morning for the weekend to attend my RL sister’s wedding! Congratulations to her and her family as they get bigger. My last show is tonight at 10 PM at After Dark, and when I return I’ll be back at Stanza at 9pm Sunday evening.

Hair: Sintkilia – Trendy Girl Rare (Hair + Bangs2)(Lootbox 4/2019)
Top: LS Diamond Bikini Shell Bra
Mermaid Components: Cynefin Lorelei Beonto Mermaid Tail – Holographics I
Pose: Poseidon – Swimming Complete 7-12
Taken at Hana Aloha Surfing Paradise (Click to Visit )

In Bloom

It’s been a couple days! I’m happy to say it’s been for awesomely good reasons. The lovely and talented Porter Paquot was in town and I spent the day showing her around Nashville and having fun shenanigans. She’s amazing and it was our first time meeting in person after knowing each other for aaaages. We fell into being besties just like we hung out everyday. It was just what this girl needed. I hope to see her again before she breezes out this weekend!

My microphone broke Saturday and I got the replacement too. It was a big pain in the butt but I think the new one sounds better! I have a full week of shows, but my only one today is at 3 PM SLT and it’s a charity show at Feed a Smile. CLICK HERE TO GO!

Also!! THE RFL Musician calendar is finally done! It’s 300L$ and comes with a rezzable version and a wearable hud version. They are copiable and modifiable! ALLL proceeds go to relay for life! Click here to go to Camp Anatine and purcahse one in world. They are also available at Stanza and Mystic Muse, with other locations coming!

Hair: Truth – Zahlee – Jewel
Dress/Skirt: Chic Moda – Rhi Tops & Skirts
Boots: FriDay – Lennon Boots – Buck
Pose & Prop: Infiniti Bloom

Taken at the lovely Calas Galadhon Park


I have been busy, busy, busy! I’m almost done with the RFL Calendar I am working on. I have three more months to shoot and I am hoping to do that today so it can be ready for Monday. I didn’t even get an OOTD shoot done yesterday, so I made up for it this morning. I did some Saturday sale shopping (thanks to those of you that leave your stuff up all weekend for busy folk like me) and decided to incorporate it all in the Adams Photo Challenge.

This theme was music, and you all know that’s basically all I’m about. So? Here it is. Music. Me, my guitar, and my woodland friends. Shot on our land in almost the same place I shot Miss May, Sassy Nitely. I’m so excited for all of this!

This is gonna be a broken record for a while, but please remember I’ve got a photo in for a contest and all proceeds from entering and voting go to RFL! CLICK HERE TO GO VOTE IN WORLD ♥

Hair w/hat: Truth Montana – Colors
Outfit: Cynful Zinnia Dress – Tan (Mar 16 Sat sale)
Boots: Friday Sharon Boots – Buck (Mar 15 FLF)
Guitar: GearOne Love More Guitar – Pink
Pose: SamPoses Sing for Me
Props: Jian Butterfly collection, Organica and This Magic Trees, Dysfunctionality and ANC plants

My Damn Tribe

Y’all, I can’t even . . . I went through something last night that spilled out into this morning, and while it started off pretty crappy, it turned into a really satisfying experience for me which sort of gave me some hope and understanding. Let me explain.

After a particularly fun and good show, I pop over to facebook to see my friend had tagged me in a video – of me! Normally I’m super excited to see them but not this time. A vlogger / sl blogger had decided to post a 20 second clip of me from SL15B last year in which I was performing and My toddler (affectionately nicknamed by everyone as LCB)was playing loudly, basically shaming me and him for cringily letting him scream in the background. A few of the comments were pretty mean, and honestly . . . this is SL. This is the internet. I don’t give a shit what you say about me, not even my music (not everyone is going to like it) but when you start making assumptions and bringing my then-two year old into the equation without knowing anything about us, I get rage-filled.

I went through a range of emotions and I almost quit SL music last night just to keep him sheltered from any more of that bull. I was angry because someone chose to throw a 20 second clip into the void with no explanation or anything, just snap judgement. Not only is it a bad representation of what was going on at the moment, if someone who didn’t know the live music scene – not just me in particular, but whatever – they could have easily been like wow no.

I remember that day vividly actually. It was the second time I was performing at SLB15. I specifically chose times that LCB would be in his preschool program, just so I knew I could be uninterrupted. However, life is life and that particular day the school was closed. I am a stay at home mom having my child alone 90% of the time with absolutely no help. His daddy travels for work and is gone for months at a time. I chose to still do the show because he is a good boy and stays well behaved for me (usually). The sounds heard on this particular voice clip were of him squealing gleefully and playing. Was it loud? Sure. Would it happen at a real, professional concert? No. Guess what? The people here performing in SL are real people. With lives, families, responsibilities, etc. They should come first. I have stopped a show plenty of times to make a cup of water, to kiss a boo boo. Hell, even one time at the Mason Jar the kid literally threw up all over me (with no notice he was sick beforehand) and I had to actually stop the show for a few. Because I’m real, I’m a mom, and that’s what moms do.

I try to book most of my shows at times where he’s either asleep or winding down, but sometimes it’s not possible. Most of my tribe, the people that show up every time, the people that support me and give me life and reason to keep doing this, embrace the craziness and silliness that is my sweet boy and when they heard about this thing, they got just as upset as I did. I’m not going anywhere for a while, and honestly I understand if people just don’t want to book me or visit my shows because they might hear the happy babbling of a well cared for toddler. It’s not going to change anytime soon. He’s free to “bother” me at any time even if it’s when I’m pretending to be a rock star. And for the record? When he makes noise I’m not cringing or rolling my eyes or getting upset or angry (usually, haha. we all have our days). I’m 100% every day thankful that I was chosen to be the mama of this sweet, caring, smart, talented little boy and if he wants to be curious about when I play music, then I’m going to cultivate that. I don’t want his memories of mama’s music to be “oh well she pushed me away when she was playing her guitar, I hate it.” Soooooo I guess I rambled on long enough. Thank you to the people who wouldn’t let my initial reaction of “holy crap I need to quit to protect him from this bs” stand. I love you all.

and for fun here’s my toddler avi surfing

Thursday Night Live

So, most of you reading this know that I perform music in Second Life. Every other Thursday I have the privilege of playing at one of my oldest and dearest friends’ venue, After Dark. If you haven’t been there, well, good lord you’re in luck. You can go tonight! I am performing at 8 pm, ending the lineup of fantastic musicians. All you have to do is Click here to TP to After Dark and starting at 5pm you hear amazing music!

Hair: Truth – Sunday (colors)
Dress: Lybra – Ellla (grape)
Shoes: Apple May – Thorned Flower Heels (Black)
Guitar: OD Designs Elation Adamas Cutaway Tiger Guitar
Necklace: Midina Zaza Necklace