Music Inspiration Series – Make You Feel My Love

inspiration for today’s post

March 11, 2018. A day that will live on in infamy, at least in my world. A spontaneous partnership done on a dare turned out to be one of the best and worst things I’ve done. It was something special that lasted almost a year, and I learned a lot of things about not only myself, but others around me. I was both the happiest and saddest I’d been in a good while. And here I am, 2 years later, talking about it still.

It was one of those things that absolutely was not meant to last, but while it did, the only word I can use to describe it is “magic” – the true kind of magic that comes only when you least expect it, knocks you off your feet, and leaves you bewildered when it’s all over. This song can instantly take me back to that moment, that one shred in time where I made a silly half-drunk decision that changed my life forever. I am a better person because I went through that journey, and I made a forever friend and have only the fondest memories.

Hair: Wasabi – elenoire Windblown Hair – Fireworks (Arcade 10/19)
Top: Neve Coat – Fate – Lively
Leggings and Shoes: Blueberry – Dynamite Leggings
Pose & Props: Amitie – Fairlyand 4 (The Epiphany)
taken at southern roots

What Resolution?

I’m trying to lose weight in RL, y’all. I need a knee replacement and before they touch me I gotta lose a ton of weight. However . . . Having a house full the last couple of weeks has proven that to be difficult, because I like cooking for people and barely get to do that when it’s just me and baby man. So I’ve been splurging. Last night I made a bomb lasagna from scratch! Eating leftovers today. So, flipping through all the various food props I have in my inventory today, I decided to take one with this setup to demonstrate how I’m feeling right now, haha

Like I said in my last post I really am not a resolution maker, but I am trying to get some weight off to get my knee fixed. I’m not backsliding, I’m just stalling because I’m giving myself some time to enjoy life with rl. And that’s ok. So as far as my outfit goes, can I just point out how cute this top is? Sassy’s done it again. I love argyle and I have a soft spot for hers, for sure. She’s a genius and you should check out chic moda if you haven’t. Group join fees are super cheap and it’s totally worth it with free gifts nad lucky letters.

Hair: Doe – Dark Room V2 – Colors (Sat Sale 1/20)
Top: Chic Moda – Bellita Crop Sweater (Fameshed 1/20)
Bottoms: Adorsy – Amaya Leather Shorts – Black (Cosmopolitan 1/20)
Shoes: Blueberry – Power Play Thigh High – Black (not pictured!)
Pose/Props: Reign – Watermelon Slush | Junk Food – TFC Chicken Buckets
taken at my houseboat in the Belissera sims | – Closeups Windlight

Let That Ish Go

It’s been ages. The holidays really got me, with a myriad of health/injury issues, my dad coming and then going, traveling, and stuff leading into the new year which led me to the decision to close Stanza. It was a tough call, but I do feel more free now that I have less ties holding me down. One thing I wanted to come of that was more time to shop and take photos, and so here we are. I’ve done a few other photos but just not blogged them here.

It’s a new year, and at my age I’m not really into doing resolutions proper. What I’m more into is just trying to make positive changes, bring positive energy, and most importantly – let the bad shit go. That’s the hardest for me. Letting go of stuff – anger, hurt, resentment, grudges. I suck at it. I need to work on that this year, and I hope to take all my (few) readers on the journey with me.

As far as more shopping goes, well today was Epiphany Day. It was a mini round but holy hell, there were so many good things! I got lots of stuff for me and my friends, and even managed to turn a few in for points. I am still looking for Doe’s Becca the Baker with and without hats in Colors, so if you see one let me know.

Hair: Limerence – Georgia hair with Cap (Epiphany 1/20)
Top: Osmia – Graceful Shirt – Black (Epiphany 1/20)
Pants: Osmia – Graceful Pants – Nude (Epiphany 1/20)
Shoes: Breathe – Takomi Heels – Black (Epiphany 1/20)
Pose/Props: Amitie – Fairyland 03 (Epiphany 1/20)
taken at the Idle Rogue apartment community [TOR] NIGHT – That Spells Moon4 Windlight

Stupid Boys

Man, can y’all feel it? Can you feel all the fuckery going on? Mercury is in retrograde and we’ve just suffered through a full moon. I know some of you might not really take stock in that, but holy crap how else do you explain the bs that has been going on the past few days. Weird hookups, relationships ending, friendships just going off the deep end . . . it’s crazy and I’m over here with my tinfoil hat on trying to protect me and mine. It’s partially working, haha. . . I think I need to burn all the sage. Sadly all I have is sage in the spice drawer. can I just set it on fire? haha.

There are so many going through ish right now too – breakups, friendship rifts, strange hookups, whatever. I’m feeling it all and want you to know that I’m rooting for everyone. And if you’ve had a stupid boy (or girl) mess with you lately, know I have a baseball bat and I’m not afraid to bust some heads.

Hair: Limerence – Alisha – Rare 1 (Epiphany 7/19)
Dress: Abigail’s – Maria (Swank 7/19)
Shoes: KC – Janis
Pose: Extra – Yeah You (Sat Sale 7/19)
Backdrop: Foxcity – Stupid Boys (Kustom9 7/19)

And Then She Rested

Y’all, this bathroom set. I can’t even with how adorable this is. I have another bathroom in my house done up with the Lagoom Sweetheart bathroom gacha from Gimmie Gacha last year at some point (I don’t remember exactly when) and I had a few leftover pieces that fit in this bathroom perfectly. In my first shot I show myself enjoying my bathroom set appropriately with a few alterations to staging, but I couldn’t just let you see how it’s normally staged. This set is adorable and even has a purple rubber ducky!!! There’s a pink one with a crown too but y’all know how I am about purple.

This is just really the cutest thing. When the Epiphany came out this time I was *set* on getting the whole thing. I actually still need to find the toilet but other than that I got everything I wanted, with some to spare! I have a few of the rares left in fact. Click here to get my extras!

Hair: Limerence – Rachel Hair – Colours2 – Epiphany 4/19
Bathroom Set: e.marie – Splish Splash (Epiphany 4/19)
taken at my house

Rainy Day Lunch With Bae

It’s been a rough kind of day over here. While it’s sunny and warm out here, the mood in my brain is stormy and turbulent. Nothing better than cuddling some puppies in a warm onesie while I mope out the day. The day, however, was brightened by The Epiphany! I actually was pretty lucky in most of my pulls except the dang Dirty Princess Spoiled Life – didn’t want to give up those boots for nothing. All my extras have been put into my gacha shop. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY GACHA RESALE SHOP!

The set on the wall was from Gimmie Gacha but just kinda went with the room. Everything else for the most part I got today. I also did a lot of e.marie which I’ll stage and shoot later. For now? Enjoy my pet paradise room =)

Hair: Foxy – Angel (Collab with Blueberry) – Pastels (Hoodie Fit)
Onesie & Slippers: Astralia x Hello Kitty (Epiphany 4/19)
Doggo: Jian – Silly Shibes (Epiphany 4/19)
Featuring Gimmie Gacha Set: CryBunBun Meowphemy Set (Kitty desk and accessories)
Epiphany 4/19 Sets: Astralia x Hello Kitty Rug: / Shelf
Foxy Fur Baby Mom Dog: Throne Bed, puppy food, dog bowl, collar rack, pink toy basket
Dust Bunny Kawaii Lunch: Wrapped Blue Bento, Chicken Sliders
Random Matter Snack Haul: Banana Flavored, Boba PIle taken at my house