Country Girl At Heart

Today was a lazy Sunday. It was Father’s Day in the real world, so did some of that festivities including the amazing NY strip steaks I cooked in the sous vide and seared in the cast iron skillet, homemade mac and cheese, and green beans that I threw down. The rest of the day was spent laughing at SL Secrets and landscaping the outside of our area. It’s absolutely perfect now, with little cuddle and photographic nooks, farm animals and structures, and a lazy river with a gorgeous bridge connecting two areas.

I managed to get some shopping done too! Between Belle, Summerfest, and the Saturday Sale, I managed to blow a lot this week. But holy crap I love the stuff I got!

I can’t believe on Wednesday my avatar will turn 15 years old. 15 crazy years in this virtual world, and then a few days after that I’ll be married in the virtual world. What a crazy few weeks it’s been. But I can’t remember when I’ve been so content in all my lives, happy, and worry free. It’s a good feeling. And now, without further ado . . . my credits!

Hair: Wasabi – Summer – Fireworks (Summerfest 6/2020)
Dress: Addams – Heaven Dress (SL17B Shop & Hop Special Edition)
Shoes: Breathe – Hanoka Wedges – Purple
Pose/Fence: Clix Poses – Fenced Inn (Sat Sale 6/2020)
Cori’s Horse: Teegle Sugar Cookie with The Flying Pony Mulberry Wine Skin
Stable: Roxy Stable
Taken at Cori’s House

At Sunset We Ride

We have finally converted our family sim over to beachy goodness for the summer. I have things just about as I like them, and I’m considering throwing a party on the beach. I love horses both IRL and in SL. I have been riding horses almost as long as I can walk, and when I was a kiddo I showed them (barrel and pole racing etc) and spent a lot of my time at our local saddle club.

These days I prefer to do my riding virtually and so here we are on my favorite toy from the Fantasy Faire, my Teegle that has yet to be named. This skin is the newest from TFP – mulberry wine. It’s gorgeous though I am excited to see what she’s working on next since she said it was going to be even better for me. I can’t wait!!

Hair: Pr!tty – Klaire – colorfuls (Sat Sale 6/2019)
Top: Blueberry – Cori Lace Top
Bottom: Blueberry Sunny bikini w/open shorts
Shoes: Blueberry Cori Shoes W/metal leg bands
My Horsey: Teegle pet sugar cookie with The Flying Pony Mulberry Wine Skin, RFL western Tack, and Rein Running Braid Mane
taken on my home sim

Winter Came

The Game of Thrones series finale was last night. Even if you don’t watch, you pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know it’s happening. We fans are not exactly quiet about our love for the show even when it’s at its worst (And it has been this season, for sure). After last week’s episode and then Sinder releasing this perfect Alabaster skin for my beloved Teegle, I decided I was going to an Arya shoot – and this ruins style backdrop served perfect for my purpose.

I have a mother of dragons one I’m tossing around and yet another with the Iron Throne, but this one popped into my head now and so here we are. This round of Enchantment has some pretty decent Game of Thrones offerings, if you are into that. There’s an excellent men’s kilt that I am pretty happy with!

Hair: Truth – Carla (VIP Group Gift)
Complete Outfit: Scarlet Fey – ARi (Enchantment GOT)
Pose/Daggers: Poseidon – Tauriel (Enchantment LOTR)
Backdrop: Foxcity – Lost City
Horse & Accessories: Teegle Pet Sugar Cookie American Paint Horse with TFP – The Flying Pony Alabaster Skin, Fantasy Faire RFL Tack and Rein Running Braid


Welp, this post merges two of my favorite pastimes: Shopping and horse riding.

Collabor88 hit today which means my wallet is yelling pineapple at me all day long. Of course I get home and immediately start throwing things on, and the first was this adorable spring dress from Pixicat. It’s funny because I also loooove their fall offerings and that’s when it is officially fall for me – when I get into a Pixicat oversized sweater and leggings and boots. Then it’s time to change the leaves on the sim!

Besides shopping, horseback riding is a fairly new hobby of mine. I had the older water horse (before they went animesh) and looked into just upgrading that, but I went into the Teegle booth at the Fantasy Faire and fell in love with this demo. I got the pale sugar cookie version, but then Sinder from The Flying Pony linked this beautiful sunset skin for it and I was hooked. Now this horse matches my personality, my hair, and most of my clothing. When I’m not riding her I have this stable setup and it’s just wonderful! What do you think?

Hair: Stealthic – Mirage – Misc (Collabor88 5/19)
Dress: Pixicat – Spring Dress – Daisies (Collabor88 5/19)
Shoes: Reign – Bloomin’ Heels (Saturday Sale 4/19)
My Little Pony: Teegle Sugar Cookie Animesh Horse with The Flying Pony skin Sunset
Also Featured: D-Lab Stable set (Uber 4/2019) | Jian Feeding Sheep (Uber 4/2019) | RM Art of Poses – Horse | Secret Poses – My Horse
taken at my home