It’s been tough figuring out which pose I want to do next, because we had some talented designers doing some amazing things. I picked up this skybox today at the Saturday sale because it looked classy and I was like “I bet I can incorporate that into a photo.” And lo and behold, I got the chance to use it immediately!

I love the poses on this hoop. So classy! There are two different ones, but this was the one I settled on. With a belly, sometimes it’s hard to snap that perfect photo without going all weird. This one came out ok though! And guys, go listen to some live music at Pose Fair today!


Hair: Wasabi – Tea – Fireworks
Top: Blueberry – Catch Me Budgetberry Set
Shoes: Blueberry – Cori
Pose/prop: Sassy Sweet Poses – Aerial Hoops 1 (Pose Fair 3/21)
Background: Pitaya – Magic Practice Skybox (Sat Sale 3/21)

Waiting On A Star To Fall

It’s my favorite time again – Pose Fair! It also coincides with an entire overhaul of our sim. I got rid of all the traces of winter, and we are going Arizona off Route 66 vibes. Drake has done an amazing job of getting the landscaping done, and I have put a magnificent house on the sim with big open spaces and plenty of fun room.

I love this structure and knew I wanted to feature it in my first pose fair pose, and well this one by Hopscotch really does the trick. Decided to do a whole mechanic outfit and I hope you like it!


Hair: Wasabi – Lyla (With Cap) – Fireworks
Top: Avanti – Single Cropped Tee
Bottom: Nerido – Alida Overalls – Black (Sat Sale 2/21)
Shoes: N-core – Debbie – Black
Pose: Hopscotch – The Wait II (Female) (Pose Fair 3/21)
Background: Gas Station – ISA Creations (on my home sim)

Revving Up For Holidays

Santa Inc opened yesterday, and I swear with every Christmas event that opens I get more excited for the holidays. “You’re festive, Cori.” It’s just going to get EVEN MORE INTENSE as the days tick closer to the big day. Christmas is my favorite holiday and it shows.

That’s why I’m excited that most of the poses for the Pose Fair this time are holiday-centric. Even the ones that are a bit generic (as this one) can be dressed up for the holidays with a cute outfit and some Christmas decorations. Thank you for that, Rebel Poses!

Hair:Doe – Winterberry (Tannenbaum 11/2020)
Sweater: Pink Cream Pie – Annie Ugly Sweater – Deck the Halls
Pants: Pink Cream Pie – Lacey Jeans – Cloudy
Shoes: Blueberry – Authentic
Pose/Props: Rebel Poses – MC Christmas Pinup (Pose Fair 12/2020) | Barn – Iconic – The Old Barn (rare) | Jian – 2017 Decorated Christmas tree

Visit the Pose Fair here on December 7!

Leo Season

What a week! It’s mid-week and first off, I’m super proud of keeping up my posting with everything going on in life, and secondly, my birthday is in EIGHT DAYS. I am so excited! There’s a party on the 24th and this is the pic I am using for the invitation, which I’m sharing at y’all.

Just about everything I’m wearing is from Collabor88, which is galaxy / stardust theme, which is what I’m going to to also theme my party around. It’s open to the Public, at the Dumpster Dive, starting at 7pm with live music all evening. I can’t wait!

Hair: Truth – Oksana v1 – Jewel
Outfit: Evani – Scarlet Sequin Top/Bottom (C88 8/19)
Boots: Breathe – Nanaki Heels – Black (C88 8/19)
Orb Prop: Egosumaii – Magical Orb – Nebula
Back and Props: Foxwood – Starlight Skybox Apartment (C88 8/19) || Soy – Pinned Astronomy Wall Decor (C88) || Second Spaces – Stardust Twinkle – White (C88 8/19)

At Sunset We Ride

We have finally converted our family sim over to beachy goodness for the summer. I have things just about as I like them, and I’m considering throwing a party on the beach. I love horses both IRL and in SL. I have been riding horses almost as long as I can walk, and when I was a kiddo I showed them (barrel and pole racing etc) and spent a lot of my time at our local saddle club.

These days I prefer to do my riding virtually and so here we are on my favorite toy from the Fantasy Faire, my Teegle that has yet to be named. This skin is the newest from TFP – mulberry wine. It’s gorgeous though I am excited to see what she’s working on next since she said it was going to be even better for me. I can’t wait!!

Hair: Pr!tty – Klaire – colorfuls (Sat Sale 6/2019)
Top: Blueberry – Cori Lace Top
Bottom: Blueberry Sunny bikini w/open shorts
Shoes: Blueberry Cori Shoes W/metal leg bands
My Horsey: Teegle pet sugar cookie with The Flying Pony Mulberry Wine Skin, RFL western Tack, and Rein Running Braid Mane
taken on my home sim


Adam’s photo challenge this time around was much more to my liking for sure than last month. I did it (It was shoot someone else in SL) and loved taking a photo of my auntie Kimmy for it, but It puts too much pressure on me to do other people right now. I guess I”m just weird. But this one? This one had purpose and I loved it.

The Evans Country Club & Resort is amazingly built. I knew immediately upon walking around what I wanted my first photo to be. I had this tennis dress that I’ve been wanting to feature that is an older Dead Dollz release, but man do I love it paired with these shoes and a ponytail! I forgot how much so until I put it on. So, hopefully, you like it as much as I do!

Hair: Truth – Joy (VIP Gift)
Dress: Dead Dollz – Smash Tennis Dress – Red
Shoes: Pink Pearl Designs – Just My Socks & Sneakers
Pose: Pose Talk – Tennis Pose (props & pose)
taken at the Evans Country Club & Resort Sim for Adams Photo Challenge June

Rawr Means I Love You

I hope you all are having an enjoyable holiday weekend. there’s no cookouts or fun times for me, since it’s just me and the LCB. I also have two shows tonight, 6pm at the Lutz city of Templemore and 9pm at Stanza. If you’ve never been to Templemore, you are missing out. It is so beautifully built and there are so many photo opportunities. ( Click here to Visit Templemore )

There was another round of Uber, and while the things I buy from these events are fewer and fewer, this Neve outfit (and the Foxcity backdrop) spoke to me. After playing around with inventory a bit today, I decided the dino bag was perfect, and henceforth my blog post title was born.

Hair: Pr!tty – Emma (Sat Sale 5/19)
Top: Neve Top – Salty – Stripe (Uber 5/19)
Shorts: Neve Shorts – Slashed – Lively (Uber 5/19)
Shoes: Phedora – Lupe Sneakers (off-screen)
Backdrop: – Foxcity – Pink Vault (Uber 5/19)
Purse: Clover – Dino Bag – Purple (Flora 5/19)

Ride it . . . My . . . Pony?

I had a joke with a friend about me taking photos with bananas. I quickly that night found on on marketplace and took a funny photo. Imagine my amusement when I saw this at Limit8 this go-round! I decided it would be mine. It’s kind of sad actually. I worry I’ve done the majority of shopping I’m going to do in Second Life because everything’s just been done twenty or thirty times and I’m like, I have two versions of this. Do I need another? Is it that varied? and then I just don’t even buy it.

Also, I have added Izzie’s freckles applier to face and body and I think it looks even better. I’m a fan of freckled Cori and the skins I’ve been using lately don’t have freckled options. So, making my own!

I do not have a show until Friday this week! So I’m going to use the time off to do some more pictures, build some scenes, decorate a Linden house, I don’t know what else. Maybe visit some scenic routes!

Hair: Wasabi – Melon – Fireworks (Uber 3/19)
Shirt: Tres Blah – The Crop Tee – Nerdy (Fameshed 4/19)
Shorts: Dead dollz – Joanne Shorts – Dark (Uber 3/19)
Socks: Cynful – Cotton Socks – Color Pack 1 (Saturday Sale 4/19)
Shoes: Candy Kitten – Unicorn Sneakers
Pose/Prop: Belle Poses – Becky Banana (Limit8 4/19)
In The Background: Foxcity Photo Booth – Contained
taken on my home sim

Bonus image: this past weekend’s photo challenge. Sunlight and flowers, taken on my sim, featuring Bad Katz sunflowers

A Lovely Evening

Man, what an evening. I said I needed some fun and sweetness in my life, and Mr. Marcus sure did provide. He took me to this little Italian(?) restaurant and it had the most marvelous jazz channel playing. We talked about our day, had fun, danced and just unwound. It was the perfect Friday evening recharging activity.

The best part was I didn’t have to plan anything. He said put on something pretty and let me do the work. After the week I’ve had, it was pretty welcome. So, here are some photos I snapped while having a good time.

Hair: Doe – Starburst – Colors (Lootbox 3/2019)
Dress: Bauhaus Movement – Robin – Viola (Bloom 3/2019)
Shoes: Breathe – Tomomi Patent Heels – Purple (Kinky 3/2019)
Taken at Ristorante Ivanna ( Click here to visit )

Hanging Around

It’s thawing out!!! The temps in Middle Tennessee are climbing, and it should be in the 70s in a few days. I am more than ready for this. I spent the last 8 or so winters of my life in Southeast Texas, and am not even used to these temps. I don’t know how you people up north do it honestly. I got caught in a bad snowstorm Thanksgiving weekend up north and I about had a panic attack.

I felt like doing something fun, springish, and with shorts!!! So here I am at the Carnival. This was taken at the Click Here To Visit ) It was the perfect place to use my new balloon bunch pose and prop from the Bad Unicorn Big Kids gacha. All in all, I had a blast, and now I’m going to ride some rides! I am off shows til Friday so now I get to do some work on my little charity endeavor I’m working on for RFL.

Hair: Truth – Oksana V1 – Colors
Shirt: Erratic – Janelle Top – Pretty As Fuck
Shorts: Blueberry – Fye Short & Belt – Blue
Sneakers/Socks: Astralia – Music Vibes Sneakers
Pose/Prop>: Bad Unicorn Balloons (Bid Kids Gacha) – Arcade March 2019