Picnic In the Sun

Pose Fair After Dark is winding down, so I promise there’s gonna be less dirtiness on this blog – well, for a while anyway – and more fun ootd and other images. This was taken as I set up for a sweet afternoon picnic near our penis lake. I put a little sunshower down and changed the windlight, and voila! Here is the end result.

I’ll be doing a lot more scenery photos as we get the outside landscaped just so. The inside is almost done too, so maybe some interior photos!

Oh, and as a side note? The SL17B is upon us, and that means SHOP AND HOP!! I went today and cammed around to almost everything, and got my gifts and bought some stuff super cheap. I can’t wait til the performers start. Sadly, I will not be one of them this year as my self esteem just can’t handle it. but I hope to return soon!

Hair: Love – Lovely Fatpack (SLB17 Gift)
Romper: Reign – Lemon’y Tassel Romper – Fatpack (FLF 6/2020)
Shoes: Reign – Lemon Aruba Wedges – Fatpack (Sat Sale 2019)
Dock w/poses: Tarte – Coastal Dock (Sat Sale 6/2020)
Props: What Next – Provence Picnic Set | Peaches – Countryside Picnic | Secret Poses – Bohemia Guitar prop | Reign – Leomonade slushie pouches – Fatpack
taken at our new home

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is fun, right? Remember my earlier post where I did a fun scene with Abigail? Well Abi is actually the female alt of this dude right here. And this dude right here? Is the future Mr. Cori. or am I the future Mrs. Drake? Either way. Today we decided to play with my female alt to get the perfect shot. I think it went pretty well, and haha – Drake got a kick out of it.

My good friend Dante from Prestige Poses made this amazing threesome pose. In fact, a lot of his poses for Pose Fair After Dark are three-fers, which is nice and refreshing to see in a sea of solo and couple poses. Thank you for being different!

This was so fun to shoot and I thank my Drake as always for being patient with me.

Visit The Post Fair Here! (slurl)

Hair: Truth – Ambience – Jewel
Lingerie: Luas – Arabella – Purple
Pose & Props: Prestige – BJ Sandwich (Pose Fair After Dark 5/2020)
Backdrop: Foxcity – Tomorrow

Lara’s Details
Hair:Doe – Becca the Baker – Blonde
Lingerie: Moon Elixir – Twilight Garden Lingerie & Skirt – Oxblood
Accessories: Swallow Princess Face Jewelry, Avaway Love Necklaces, GOS eyewear – Sct
Head/Face: Genus Classic Head | Amara Laila Skin – Peach | Cosmetize Lips – The London Collection | Veechi – Summer Lush Shadow
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body

Drake’s Details
Hair:Modulus – Andreas
Vest: Deadwool – Hart Vest – Black (Access 6/2020)
Head/Face: Lelutka Skyler Head | Stray dog – Lorenzo Tone 04, Freckles | f u o e y Scott Beard | L’etre horn mesh ears | Deep Static – Mason Glasses – Aviglam Enlightened Eyes – Glass
Body: Belleza Jake 2.1 | Letis Tattoo Gao Yord F200204 | The Physics Cock (Beta)

Thinking of You

I’ve started trying to gear up for romance because I want to participate in the AdamsPhotoChallenge for February, which is Love/Hate. I don’t think this is the final one that I will use, but I will detail my inspiration behind this particular shoot:

This is the night before a meetup with a lover. The bag’s packed, the plans are made, just the final preparation before leaving the next morning. Makeup is picked out, and taking a few selfies with the kitty before heading out.

It’s a little cheesy, but it’s a first draft. I have another idea or two I want to do for the love version. I think I want to focus more on lonliness for hate, honestly. We will see!

Hair: Doe – Pemi – Colors (Gacha Garden 2/20)
Top: Astralia – Jessie – Lilac (Level 2/20)
Bottom: Astralia – Jessie – Lilac (Level 2/20)
Shoes: Reign – Tommy glitter flats
Pose & Props: Extra Selfie Girl 3 (Pose & Phone) | Con/Dust Bunny | Disorderly | Foxwood | Jian
taken at my personal houseboat


Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a bit of an RL makeup geek. My bathroom and bedroom are both full of products, I am a monthly member of BoxyCharm (which is an awesome monthly box with full sized products for $25 USD a month). Also, Uber hit yesterday which means my birthday money got burned through pretty quickly! hah. There was this super cute Foxwood cosmetic set and at first was like “when am I gonna use that?” Well, the answer was – today. I had some dead space in my bathroom area in my apartment and decided I needed a vanity, so here we are. My perfect area for getting ready.

It’s been a long month already full of changes, the biggest one was me taking over Stanza’s music venue. I also have tennis elbow which has kept me out of performing for almost three weeks. Thankfully I am scheduled to return the 12th with limited performances. This post has also been like a week and a half in the making, but I just kept forgetting …. so I’m going to post now!

Hair: Truth – Vanish – Jewel
Dress: Decoy – Tori Dress – Wine (Uber 8/19)
Shoes: Breathe – Sato Heels – Wine
Props: Anam Cara – Vanity Lights & Flowers | Foxwood – Starlight Cosmetic Pack (Uber/19)
taken at my apartment on Idle Rogue

Unicorn Day

Today’s a special day, because it’s UNICORN day! Pink Cream Pie had a whole little unicorn corner that some designers and builders had filled with unicorn-y goodness, and I went and picked up a few things. The boots I already had. Candy Kitten put out unicorn heels, boots, and sneakers and I own them all (as well as just about every unicorn clothing piece they have there!) – and they fit just perfect. Not pictured: An adorable unicorn bouncer. Everything is super cheap but I don’t know how long it will be there, because today is Unicorn Day.

Also, as a special notice today, I’ll be doing a unicorny charity event at the Jagged Edge for a good friend of the SL Music Scene, Tommy Bayn. He’s suffering from a complex pain syndrome that leaves him in agony daily. While the medical procedure itself is paid for there is very expensive aftercare involved. Those of us that know and love Tommy are helping by donating an hour of our time and any tips earned to help pay for such aftercare. I’d love if you all came to support me at 4pm SLT (or come at 3, because the lovely Agatha will be before me). CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE JAGGED EDGE

Hair: Truth – Coco – Colours
Dress: Pink Cream Pie – Lisa Dress – Anycorn Pack
Shoes: Candy Kitten – Unicorn Boots
Pose & Held Props: SSP: Unicorn Day 2019 / Unicorns I Love Them
In the Background:Dysfunctionality Poppies | Organica Cherry Tree
taken on my home sim